GTA Chinatown Wars Updated for iOS, Released for Android and Amazon

By Chris | 18th Dec 2014 at 22:49 GMT in Chinatown Wars | 12 Comments



In a somewhat surprising move from Rockstar today, a big update for the mobile version of Chinatown Wars was released on iOS. The app is now universal - previously Rockstar had separate iPhone and iPad versions - and new features have been added bringing it in line with the company's other mobile releases in the GTA III trilogy. These include support for MFi controllers, retina display, customisable controls, and the app is now optimised for the new iPhone 6 and 6+ devices.
And for the first time ever, Chinatown Wars is now available for Android devices, including Google Nexus Player, Amazon Kindle tablets and Fire phones, and Fire TV. The app is priced at £2.99 ($ 5.99). Initial app ratings from users appear to be largely positive! Links to all versions are below.
App download links:

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BlackListedB 12th April, 2015 @ 17:31 - Permalink

Hope you won't mind me bumping this, Chris, but I recently asked Rockstar via Newswire if the software patches for GTA 4 on PC were just abandoned or halted for other games, and with GTA5 coming to PC, could we see them renewed. I'll think to email them for a more direct response, but what I'd like to see is both GTA 4 and 5 for PC users get cross-generational improvements, if their building platform doesn't differ entirely, and that's likely the crux of it, right there... but I shouldn't think they're that far removed as builds

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So good of Rockstar Games that they have finally brought GTA Vice City back to android app store. I have so much memories with this game. It was among the first games I have ever played and still is one of my favourite ones.

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