Rockstar denies sex in San Andreas?

By Adriaan | 11th Jul 2005 at 21:01 GMT in San Andreas | 12 Comments

About 30 mins ago from posting this, Tim Surette from Gamespot wrote another article about this "Hot Coffee" madness. In that article he says that they were contacted by a representative from Rockstar on Friday. Him claiming that the explicit code was not inserted by Rockstar or its agents in the retail discs. Very, very strange. Either the representative or Tim Surette doesnt know what their talking about. We'll have more on this as this interesting case progresses.

Gamespot article

Well lets see what the author of this mod, Patrick Wildenborg, has to say about all of this.

All the contents of this mod was already available on the original disks. Therefor the scriptcode, the models, the animations and the dialogs by the original voice-actors were all created by RockStar. The only thing I had to do to enable the mini-games was toggling a single bit in the main.scm file. (Of course it was not easy to find the correct bit). The Nude models that are used as a bonus in the Quick action version of the mod, were also already present on the original disk.

But all this material is completely inaccesible in an unmodded version of the game. It can therefor not be considered a cheat, easter-egg or hidden feature. But is most probably just leftover material from a gameplay idea that didn't make the final release. I would really like to stress that this material is only accessible after willfully applying the hot coffee mod (or something similar) to the game.

- Patrick Wildenborg

Now its time for Rockstar Games themselves to comment on the issue:

"So far we have learned that the 'hot coffee' modification is the work of a determined group of hackers who have gone to significant trouble to alter scenes in the official version of the game. In violation of the software user agreement, hackers created the 'hot coffee' modification by combining, reconstituting, and altering the game's source code......

....since the 'hot coffee' scenes cannot be created without intentional and significant technical modifications to the game's source code, we are currently investigating ways that we can increase the security protection of the source code and prevent the game from being altered by the 'hot coffee' modification.

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tommy vercetti guy 12th July, 2005 @ 00:56 - Permalink

Patrick W. should have never unlocked the uncensored sex scenes.

Now that he did, Rockstar is in another war with polotics.

Curse you, you bloody hacker!

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Hit_Em_Up 12th July, 2005 @ 03:07 - Permalink

So what if it has nuditity in it. You can see a lot more nudity on the internet just by typing in any sex term known to man in your search bar. Anythings bound to show up. Like Link removed. That site scarded me for life. I was just being a smartass and typing random crap into the address bar. And BOOM: Pictures straight from hell.

If I post links to sick websites again I will instantly get banned from this forums

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mvi 12th July, 2005 @ 10:19 - Permalink

A nice bollocks comment by Rockstar there. And a team of hackers? All he did was change one character in the scm code with BW's tool. From 0 to 1. Not very signifficant hacking it seems.

Even if Rockstar do upgrade there files which they won't for a later sa pc relase, the gta modding community is one of the biggest gaming modding communities with serious expiernce. I apologise for any spelling mistakes but my keyboard is a tad broken

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YoungFools 12th July, 2005 @ 10:40 - Permalink

That 'sex scene' that Patrick unlocked was obviously deleted from gameplay for one main reason, to keep the GTA series from being given an 'AO' review, and so that they wouldn't get into trouble. However, if Rockstar didn't want to add this interactive sex-game into the final version, why did they keep it in the models? thats what puzzles me... I think they wanted us to find it (it could be the case), and KEEP IT QUIETE!

In violation of the software user agreement, hackers created the 'hot coffee' modification by combining, reconstituting, and altering the game's source code......

As Patrick said

The only thing I had to do to enable the mini-games was toggling a single bit in the main.scm file

in other words, rockstar is saying that maybe next time, keep it quiet.

oh and heres proof that rockstar did leave it in the models...


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bryan 12th July, 2005 @ 11:39 - Permalink

Well San Andreas being rated AO won't make any difference to me. In Europe San Andreas is already rated 18+ (...duh).

I think that entertainment in America is very censored. I mean there are certain things you would never be able to say on television in America. Here in Europe, there isn't really any problems with small amounts of bad language and stuff. In America, they freak over one incident, like Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl. If that happened in Europe, I don't think there would have been such a big deal out of it, like putting coverage of live events on a 5 minute delay incase somebody's breast is exposed!!! :dribble:

I think a lot of media attention covering controversial games is also very one-sided. Seems to be a bunch of people who have no logic and want to blame games of this type for all of society's problems. These people claim that games like this encourage psychotic behaviour in people and blame the games for the actions of others. If anyone is stupid enough to re-create what they see in a video game, they deserve to be locked away. (Not really related to Hot Coffee I know! :blush: )

Also, with regards to the hot coffee mod, the author and Rockstar have conflicting arguements, and only one of them (to some extent) is telling the truth.

oh and heres proof that rockstar did leave it in the models... (uploading soon)

Oh if that's true, don't upload it - you don't want to get our favourite publisher in even more trouble! Plus it's probably against the copyright.

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YoungFools 12th July, 2005 @ 13:48 - Permalink
:bashhead: OKOK. Registered users only can view the 'PROOF', or is it? :whistle: I suppose, I dont particulary want to get my favourite game's makers into trouble. MESSAGE TERMINATED! :pissedred:
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Adriaan 12th July, 2005 @ 14:47 - Permalink

boy you are so kool! :gappy:

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888ball 12th July, 2005 @ 15:17 - Permalink
boy you are so kool! :gappy:

why is he a mod?

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Chris 13th July, 2005 @ 21:46 - Permalink
boy you are so kool! :gappy:

why is he a mod?

The mods are in a strange mood today, that's why your seeing weird comments in places.

Adriaan: I'm not a mod, I'm a admin.

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Righty 14th July, 2005 @ 03:47 - Permalink

Like my nudge stunt earler tonight?

Anyway, Rockstar is in a whole world of crap after that one. I can forsee places like Walmart removing the game from the shelf because of this. Now, we may never get another GTA game because everyone is in a hysteria of sorts over this. It's just a modification, not something put out by Rockstar.

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YoungFools 14th July, 2005 @ 19:29 - Permalink

Hang on, whats all the big deal about, cos the game is rated 18+ anyway, so it is 'ADULTS ONLY'

change the "M" rating for GTA San Andreas to "adults only".

this is going to cause so much hasal to the game makers (which we already know), the stores that sell it could be sued for keeping the game on the shelf as it will have an Adults Only rating.

Oh, a word straight to politition, go give the sims to an adult rating, they have sex scenes, especially NUDE MODS! (seeing as though he's taking down Rockstar for a MOD -which was made by dedicated modders, and modders did the same for The Sims 2). Just give it up. and enjoy the MOD!

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C dub 14th July, 2005 @ 22:03 - Permalink

alright i love sex and ever thing about it but the person that made this should have keep to himself