San Andreas banned in Australia

By Adriaan | 29th Jul 2005 at 19:54 GMT in San Andreas | 21 Comments



Yep mate, it's banned. As of today you won't find a single copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the PS2, Xbox and PC version in Australian shops. The Office of Film and Literature Classification said in a statement sales of the game are outlawed and they have stripped it of its official classification after learning of the explicit content.

Revocation of a classification means the computer game cannot be legally sold, hired, advertised or exhibited in Australia from the date the decision is made.[29 July 2005]

So if you happen to live in Aus and didn't buy the game yet, then you're out of luck. Just remember that this doesn't mean that Liberty City Stories or any other new Grand Theft Auto will be banned in the country. San Andreas was only banned due to the fact it had sexual content on it.

*UPDATE* Take 2 has just released a press release confirming the ban. They also mention that the European version's rating won't be affected in any way and will keep it's 18+ rating.

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Sherman 29th July, 2005 @ 20:03 - Permalink

Couldn't they get an imported version? Or is that illegal?

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mvi 29th July, 2005 @ 20:06 - Permalink

Not illegal I don't think, for the love of god, I mean if you hack into something and find unused bits of code, then take the time to make them work how is that explicit content, it's just stupid. Sure I could make a mod for sa that has lesbians shagging on the street corners, would that then ban sa?

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Adriaan 29th July, 2005 @ 20:09 - Permalink

I think catching crocs should be banned, rather than video games. People can get hurt getting so close to them crocs you know!! :wtf:

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Ghostchild 29th July, 2005 @ 20:52 - Permalink

Oh man, I feel sorry for people living in Australia!

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Dave1 29th July, 2005 @ 21:58 - Permalink

How many places is it banned?

This i bull shit thats all i am going to say.

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Adriaan 29th July, 2005 @ 22:24 - Permalink

so far only Australia, but New Zealand is slowly following their footsteps with an investigation to the game in progress.

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Akuma 29th July, 2005 @ 22:40 - Permalink

hehe, i got it before it was banned! now i an excuse not to lend it.

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wite_gangsta 29th July, 2005 @ 23:13 - Permalink

i got it too before it was banned, yay

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TonyB 30th July, 2005 @ 21:06 - Permalink the US..its like almost banned......i already have it, but like, no stores want to sell an AO game.... whenever i happen to be in a store, its not there.......its basicly banned from stores...

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pj is good 1st August, 2005 @ 07:57 - Permalink

it would only be banned until they get rid of the content wouldn't it?

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Akuma 1st August, 2005 @ 08:47 - Permalink

Nope, Banned 4 Life. They won't put it back on because it was banned for sex and violence. You can't take the violence out can ya?

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Dave1 1st August, 2005 @ 17:43 - Permalink

Ugh kill zone has more violence than gta san...

I dont see why it matters...

And yes i do wish death upon that guy who banned it. and that clinton whore.

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ProudAussie 2nd August, 2005 @ 11:43 - Permalink
Oh man, I feel sorry for people living in Australia!

Dont be cos as far as i know its not banned i've been to quite a few video game stores and video rental stores and its on the shelf .... not to worry for me anyways since i got myself a copy ages ago. i havnt seen anything on the news or in the papers or other gaming fanatics in australia about the game being banned.

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Leprekon 2nd August, 2005 @ 17:39 - Permalink

That seems like it'd be irritating, although, alot of them already bought the game.

And they can get it elsewhere if not.

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Ride_The_Lightning 3rd August, 2005 @ 13:44 - Permalink

Australia is awfully liberal, and I'm guessing that's a major factor in why it got banned. Hilary did her best here and that bitch got it close to banishment. Sucks to be the ones who haven't bought it yet. I feel for you.

:thumbsdown: On government ban of San Andreas.

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ProudAussie 4th August, 2005 @ 10:11 - Permalink

I have no idea why you are still saying it got banned in australia for it hasnt. Trust me i live in Melbourne and i got proof.

Today as i was setting home from work waiting for my tram(Street Cart) i looked up on a tram that had stopped to pick up passengers and noticed a Advertisment for GTA - SA now on xBox now if the game had been banned then there wouldnt be advertisments saying you can now buy it on xBox. These Tram advertisments are changed Monthly if not weekly so i doubt that these advertisments are out of date.

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Akuma 4th August, 2005 @ 10:33 - Permalink

Actually, i have searched 5 stores (different ones) and even asked for it in Melbourne and they said they dont have it. I've emailed OFLC or something to ask, since me too are not that convinced.

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ProudAussie 4th August, 2005 @ 12:01 - Permalink

I seriosly doubt that advertisements for the game would still be floating around if it was banned.

THe GTA SA game was hugely popular here and it is possible the game has sold out at certain stores. But i still go by its not banned based on advertisments and general Window SHopping. i work in the City and i walk past alot of shops on the way. If need be i will take my digital camera at some point in time and photograph it either on a shelf or on an advertisement. But i dont think i will have to.

Im sure if the game was banned here this page would say so.

The page simply says that This game is rated MA 15+ Rescricted which means by australian laws that this game cannot be Bought, Hired, Viewed, PLayed by peoples who are not 15+ Years of age. It simply is resctricted from peoples under the age of 15 and anyone caught selling this product to underage kids can be prosecuted.

Much like smokes and alcohole

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nickchico 6th August, 2005 @ 02:35 - Permalink

Like I said in the forum about it beign danned here in NZ Why don't they just add to the GTA:SA rating "R18 contains violence, offensive language and sex scenes" it would make it so much more simpler. BTW if anyone in Australia wanted GTA:SA they could just import 1 from here in NZ and just pay around NZ for the game and NZ for P :yup::coolthumbup:

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youngbloodSA 17th August, 2005 @ 00:38 - Permalink

so sad :nope: Gta rocks screw all of the Gta haters who lives in Aussy land anyway's???

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Dave1 17th August, 2005 @ 02:16 - Permalink

Dont call it aussy land...

Learn to close tags.

and their are quite a few here who are from down under.