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<img src="" width="200" height="150" border="1" align="right">So what has been happening this past week in the world of Grand Theft Auto. Today we introduce a new feature to the site(with many others on the way). "This week in Grand Theft Auto" or "TWIGTA" will be posted every friday to sum up the interesting things that happened in the week. From the latest news, to the modding community and multiplayer mods. We hope you enjoy this new feature and leave your feedback in the comments area. Well enough crapz, here is what happened this past week in Grand Theft Auto:

Federal Trade Comission Inquiry

The Federal Trade Comision is conducting an inquiry into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to determine if Rockstargames intentionally deceived the Entertainment Software Ratings Board to avoid an “Adults -Only” rating(commited fraud). The investigation began after the House of Representatives voted for it. The results are 321 for "Yes", while only 21 said "no". Take 2 Interactive then responded with a press release shortly after. Jordan from PlanetGTA managed to record a video of the voting from the House.


Suing Rockstar

An 85 year old grandmother wants to sue Rockstar after she bought the game for her underage 14 year old grandson. Because she didn't know it contained sex and violence. First of the game is only meant for age 17 and up(when she bought it) and the judge will laugh in her face. Read more...


The Ballad of Rockstargames

Gamingsedge has put up a nice music video which basicly sums up this whole hot coffee madness.


Liberty City Stories magazine publications

Several magazines around Europe and the United States has been released this past week with some minor new details on the game. Some of it were very disappointing to fans.

• One magazine confirmed an October release date

• No accessible interiors during gameplay

• 80-100 hours of gameplay

• Several sets of clothes

• Shoreside Vale expanded

• Can't swim, just drown like in <i>GTA III</i>

• The targeting system is based on an improved version of the San Andreas scheme. "The best we've had so far," says Todd Zuniga from Rockstar.

• New vehicles and weapons are planned (maybe just new in Liberty City and not entirely new vehicles)

• Motorcycles, dirt bikes and scooters are included

• Stats like muscle, fat etc. won't be in the game (this could mean no

eating feature or even gyms)

One magazine mentioned they will be releasing first "exclusive gameplay video" of the game on August 25th.


MTA:SA Update

The team from MTA SA is reminding us that they are still hard at work at their multiplayer mod for San Andreas. They have managed to work on a Admin System and synchronization is better than ever. They promise to release a video within the next few weeks and a developer blog will soon be implemented to their site to keep fans more updated.


LVS still progressing

We posted 2 weeks ago about a mod that will implement Liberty City from GTA3 and Vice City into GTA: San Andreas. They are still hard at work and they send me a new screenshot.


San Andreas banned in Australia

Just before the weekend started it was announced that San Andreas is banned in Australia. Take 2 released a press release shortly after.

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