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Rockstar registering GTA V domain names?

By Chris | 25th Feb 2011 at 23:17 GMT in GTA V | 9 Comments

Seems like someone's been looking into Rockstar Games' domain purchasing history and stumbled across something that might be of interest to GTA fans. Self-proclaimed internet-sleuth @supererogatory has discovered five domains registered by Rockstar that sound like they are taking the piss out of real life companies - exactly what Rockstar are known to do in the GTA series, and all the more relevant since GTA IV introduced its own in-game internet. The links below go to the WHOIS details of each domain.

It's worth noting that Rockstar have privately registered these domains, hiding their email address and physical address, something that they have never previously chosen to do. Some people have pointed out that this could just be anyone registered the domains for fun, since anyone can put their company name as "Rockstar Games". While I concede that this does seem a little sketchy, personally, I think it's improbable that this is just some prankster...

The domains were registered at NetSol, a registrar typically used by businesses as opposed to individuals, and the registrar Rockstar now use for their domains. Domain registration costs /year at NetSol, plus an additional /year for privacy. Each domain was registered for 5 years. At the time of posting, current prices and discounts would put the total cost of this order somewhere around 0-0. Is there really someone out there willing to spend that much money on a hoax? Personally, I doubt it.

The real question is whether or not they are to do with GTA V. If we assume they are, then it does confirm one thing - the game will be set in modern day, or at the very least the mid-late 90s when the internet started to take off. That said, there is of course the possibility that even if the domains are owned by Rockstar, they may have nothing to do with the next GTA. In the end all we can say is that only time will tell.

Still, it's an interesting discovery, and one which is sure to raise interest in GTA V. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think they are owned by Rockstar? And if so, do you think they are related to GTA V?

One final note: It's worth pointing out that while Rockstar do own, the domain is owned by a domain squatter. If Rockstar go with this name for the game, they will acquire the domain from him (with relative ease), and we'll notice a change in the WHOIS details, so that's something to keep an eye on.

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