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Bullitt Mustang Sounds for GTASA
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Author: MrBrooks1992 Views: 84,733
Added: 29th Jun 2009 Downloads: 21,469
Last Update: 4th Jul 2009 Last Downloaded: 16:56 on 31st May 2023
Version: #1.1 Rating: 3.7/5 (49 Votes)3.7/5 (49 Votes)3.7/5 (49 Votes)3.7/5 (49 Votes)3.7/5 (49 Votes) (49 Votes)
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My only mod, which replaces the HOTKNIFE car sounds with those of the '68 Mustang GT featured in the film of the same year, "Bullitt." Version 1.1 now has a sound for the car when it's idling. Let me know what you think and rate my file, please.

Preview coming soon. I'm going to link a YT video and observe the comments that come in. Maybe I'll find out, after all this time, why the mod's rating dropped below 4.0.

Some of the links provided in the README are now obsolete. The name of the tool you will need is San Andreas Audio Toolkit. The exact name of the file is GFS_Setup1.1 .Good luck.

Update 2021 — The audio files I created might not be the same bit rate as the audio files they are replacing. I don't remember because it's been 12 years. It might be something you'd want to check, in case the game crashes or you encounter the known bugs I mentioned in the txt.

Goodness, over twenty thousand downloads. I'm pleased so many people thought of putting the Bullitt sounds into the game. If I recall correctly, the sounds you hear in the movie aren't actually the Mustang. They're recordings of a GT-40 added in post production. I sort of wish I had done a similar mod for GTA IV or even V, but I never figured out how to do it. Honestly, I stopped modding after San Andreas, since the games became so polished in the HD universe, I simply felt no need. It's amazing how time flies; even GTA V is coming up on eight years since its release. I can't think of a game series I've spent more hours playing, except perhaps Halo. Clearly a community that is thriving, as well. Glad to see such popularity here on theGTAplace.

It's so absurd to see my own enthusiasm for a game frozen online in the form of a modification I created myself. The past decade has been, for me... a life in and of itself. I sincerely hope this simple, unassuming enhancement — or detraction! — to your game has been a positive experience overall. Moreover, I hope the years since 2007/2009, your growth during the teens, and especially your health and mind during the last year, have been good. I hope that you explore life and see more of the real world in the coming years. I would beg you to heed only the warnings that you see fit and worthwhile to follow, and that in these times of uncertainty, you would risk not your health, but not remain shut-in, either. Don't be afraid where caution is all that is necessary, and whatever it is you envision yourself chasing, I'll tell you one more thing: you'll regret having not done it at all, more than any error you'll potentially make doing it. Now is the time. I hope you live life, rather than plan how to live it. I hope you seek more of what you love, and seek outwardly. Talk to someone. Share a Pink Floyd video with a friend, but instead of doing it online for them to LIKE it, go to their house and play it on their TV. Share things in person, make stupid comments, get mad at each other, argue, get high and forget about it. Grow. You can raise a beautiful weed plant in a closet, with bright and powerful lights, excellent nutrients and pure water, but nothing of that plant will have touched the air outside. It won't know the fungi, the chinch bugs, the pollution, the rain, the wind, the pollen, the gnats, the worms, the seething, icy terrors of life in this world that make having a lush, green bush all the more worthwhile. Get sun burnt. Stay out too late. Get used to having protected sex, but learn to kiss a girl without any hesitation. Be physical, lose your inhibitions, trip with your friends, tell your parents you love them, use up all your financial aid, take sabbaticals from your favorite things, break habits and gain perspective. Live your life differently here and there, but remember one thing: you have little control over life, but every bit of control over what you do next.

I need to get out of this house.

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