Chinatown Wars Information


Chinatown Wars will once again bring fictional Liberty City to life. The version used in the game is similar to GTA IV's, though the boroughs have been scaled down a fair bit. The map will include the boroughs of Dukes, Bohan, Broker, and Algonquin. Alderney will be left out.

The city will feature the familiar real-time weather effects and 24 hour day/night cycle we're used to in GTA games.



The protagonist is Huang Lee, a member of the Chinese triads.



  • Familiar sandbox gameplay, open-world environment, gritty crime narrative.
  • Isometric camera angle (can swivel 360 degrees)
  • Top screen brings you all the action, while the lower screen will let you control elements like the PDA, GPS, the radio, access to the people on the map, or using Motolov cocktails and grenades.
  • GPS seen on the touch screen while you move through the city
  • UI based on a PDA - hub for email, contacts, music player, GPS, stat-tracking - allows you to gain access to the map with more details as well as the goals of missions
  • Like GTA IV, you can mark points on the map and the GPS will show you the shortest legal route to the destination with yellow or blue arrows
  • New discoveries (such as gas stations) are added to the map
  • Stats uploaded to Rockstar Social Club website via Wi-Fi
  • Drugs have a big importance in the game, and the system can be compared to Drugwars
  • You have to control the stock of drugs, buy them in one neighborhood and sell them in another - Good way to make money in the game
  • You are given a map so that you know what people demand and at what prices
  • Similar to GTA IV, you can catch a taxi - whistle into the microphone so the taxi will stop
  • Missions are designed for shorter periods of play, and can be compared to some arcade games
  • Subtle autosteer in vehicles
  • If you fail a mission, you can jump back to the action sequence
  • Lots of action is on screen - pedestrians, cars, etc. trains will pass through
  • The main objective with the wanted system is to disable police cars any way possible
  • Numerous radio stations featuring more instrumental music than vocal
  • Game programmers have written 800,000 lines of hand-optimized source code



Aiming is controlled via the control pad, auto-targetting can be used by holding the R button. The game will feature fan favourite weapons such as the flamethrower, chain gun, molotov cocktails and grenades.