Ferrari 360 Modena - GTAIV Style

By Chris | 9th Apr 2007 at 20:37 GMT in GTA IV | 6 Comments

This one doesn't seem to be official in any way, rather belonging to a very enthusiastic car owner, and seemingly a GTA fan judging by the 'classic' style GTAIV logos and Rockstar decals. Apparently this nice machine was spotted at the New York Auto Show. I'm not a great lover of cars with black paintjobs, but this is something a little more decorated than usual.


via Kotaku

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Harwood Butcher 9th April, 2007 @ 20:56 - Permalink

This just got me thinking, would if a Nascar team was sponsored by Rockstar and it had the Rockstar logo with the "IV" logo all over it...that'd get some attention. It would also get fans to go "Holy shit!!!, this means racing is a big part of the game. BLABABLABLA!!!"

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Ciaran 9th April, 2007 @ 20:59 - Permalink

What's next? A giant blimp. Well at least there advertising in a 'good' way, it is getting alot of people excited , isn't it?

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evabin2libertycity? 10th April, 2007 @ 00:37 - Permalink

i thought there was a Ferrari 360 Modena in San Andreas. the jester. it looks a lot like a Ferrari 360 Modena

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2003 10th April, 2007 @ 05:35 - Permalink

Now there advertising on Sport Cars! Yeah what is next? They might as well paint a large IV on the Statue Of Liberty While they are at it :rofl2:.

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CroScorpion 10th April, 2007 @ 05:36 - Permalink

Little irritating , but, hey it's: R* 'n' Ferrari

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JOYA 10th April, 2007 @ 06:24 - Permalink

What a waste of a Ferrari!