Microsoft to Offer Xbox 360 Theme & Gamer Pics

By Chris | 27th Jun 2007 at 20:19 GMT in GTA IV | 7 Comments

Microsoft sent out a press release earlier confirming a couple of things. Firstly, The second GTA IV trailer, "Looking for that special someone", will be available on the Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow, shortly after it's debut on and Yahoo! Xbox 360 owners will of course be able to download this free of charge.

Secondly, Microsoft also added that they would be offering an exclusive GTA IV theme for 360 owners to download, as well as gamer pictures.

To celebrate the release of the second trailer, Xbox 360™ gamers will be able to download exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV theme and gamer pics from Xbox LIVE® Marketplace.

It was not mentioned if these will be free of charge or not, however, based on many other games, it is likely there will be a small charge for them. We'll let you know if we get more info on this.

Red_91's photo
Red_91 27th June, 2007 @ 20:54 - Permalink

Well if it is on XBL marketplace, it will probably be on the Playstation store jsut like the first one.

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MishoM 27th June, 2007 @ 21:10 - Permalink

Damn, I can't wait for the gamerpics!!!

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Chris 27th June, 2007 @ 21:11 - Permalink

Yeah I'd imagine the trailer will be. Obviously the Xbox theme and gamer pics won't since they are exclusive and are for Xbox 360...

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Andrew91 27th June, 2007 @ 21:36 - Permalink

I really hope they're free... I don't have any points.

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chris82 27th June, 2007 @ 21:37 - Permalink


More and more 360 love!

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MishoM 27th June, 2007 @ 22:19 - Permalink

Any pics of the theme and gamerpics available?

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HCK George 27th June, 2007 @ 23:48 - Permalink

They will most likely cost point's,but maybe they wont there are alot of free gamer pic's,but the theme's always cost some point's.