Picture of the Day

By Chris | 20th Feb 2005 at 21:53 GMT in General | 1 Comment

Due to the vast amount of pictures now being submitted for Picture Of The Week, we have now changed all this to a Picture Of The Day. We have a massive backlog of decent pics people have submitted and they're just sat there not being viewed since we have it only once a week. Now with a new picture being shown every day we should be able to clear this backlog in a few weeks.

We are going to work through from the earliest submitted pics so if you submitted a good one recently expect it to be shown in a few weeks.

Oh and on another note, a couple of errors were found on my 100% San Andreas Checklist, I've fixed these now so please download the latest version if you have been using it.

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tommy vercetti guy 21st February, 2005 @ 01:38 - Permalink


now i can see evryones fine artwork every day