First GTA IV Review - OXM give 10/10

By Chris | 14th Apr 2008 at 15:31 GMT in GTA IV | 10 Comments

The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine (UK) has reached subscribers today and it contains the world's first review of Grand Theft Auto IV. The magazine gave GTA IV a perfect 10 out of 10 score.

The magazine's verdict says:

  • Amazingly realistic world.
  • Stunning action set pieces.
  • Genuinely engrossing storyline.
  • Hugely entertaining multiplayer.
  • Vast in every respect.

In addition to this there's also a number of new screenshots on the article, including some which show off the game's HUD. Numerous other small bits of information are scattered around the article, below is a summary of the more interesting facts:

  • Skipping a trip in a taxi costs more than it would if you sat back and enjoyed the ride.
  • The Statue of Happiness is actually clutching a coffee cup, not a Sprunk/beer can as many had previously thought.
  • Some celebrity voice actors play themselves in the game.
  • Similar to Crackdown, hidden packages in GTA IV make a quiet sound as you get close to them, helping your search.
  • Sometimes your in-game email account will get spam.
  • Driving through flames will set vehicle tires on fire, causing them to degrade and burst after a while.
  • A mission similar to "Dead Skunk in the Trunk" from GTA3 is in the game, this time there are two bodies in the trunk, and if you hit a bump and it opens, you'll have to get out and quickly close it again before any pedestrians notice.
  • The mobile phone you receive at the start of the game is an old, second hand model capable only of calling and texting. You'll need to wait for an upgrade later in the story to unlock the full functionality that people get from more modern models.
  • Downloadable content is confirmed to contain at least 10 hours of gameplay.

Thanks to RAWRferal for the scans. Go out and buy the magazine if you're able to as it's a great read.

On a sidenote, the magazine mentions an achievement called Assassin's Greed, this was also on the "leaked" list, and from what we've since seen it does appear that these achievements are indeed the real deal. We had tentatively updated our GTA IV achievements page yesterday with those from the list, achievements are sorted by GS and grouped into single player achievements first, followed by multiplayer.

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Slyde 14th April, 2008 @ 15:40 - Permalink

Awesome, now i know what's to expect. I'd like to read the spam.

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-THE-DEALER- 14th April, 2008 @ 16:08 - Permalink

This sounds cool. Nice to see they gave it 10/10, which i do think it deserves. Not only for the actual game but for the amount of effort they put into making this what it is!..... :thumbsup: ..

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mutu 14th April, 2008 @ 16:09 - Permalink

Wow that's cool. To bad that you can't read the magazine online :(

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Kitsune Inferno 14th April, 2008 @ 19:39 - Permalink

Well, were any of you expecting anything less than a perfect score? :lol:

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Red_91 14th April, 2008 @ 19:40 - Permalink

Good info overall. Upgrading the phone as you progress will be something different and it relates to the 'rags to better rags' storyline. The statue of Happiness would be good if you could parachute over it.

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chris82 14th April, 2008 @ 20:06 - Permalink

Nice, it will be interesting to see everything you can do. Although the RPG elements like fat, muscle, etc...were removed, it seems like other similar elements were added, like upgrading your phone. I can't wait to see how you can upgrade where you live, i.e. starting out in a run-down apartment and ending up in a mansion.

10+ hours for the DLC? Worth it in itself, this game is one of the few reasons I picked up a 360 at all.

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Whitey 15th April, 2008 @ 00:02 - Permalink

View Scans of Review here:

A scary document from EA:

Anyway, this looks great. This is just making me more hyped up. I'll have fun with that mission with the bodies in the trunk.

Anybody else think the DLC is going to be more online missions for multiplayer?

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PhoenixGTA 16th April, 2008 @ 04:10 - Permalink
View Scans of Review here:

A scary document from EA:

Anyway, this looks great. This is just making me more hyped up. I'll have fun with that mission with the bodies in the trunk.

Anybody else think the DLC is going to be more online missions for multiplayer?

Yeah, that is a scary read man!! Here is the summery:

"Offer to Purchase for Cash

All Outstanding Shares of Common Stock

(Including the Associated Preferred Stock Purchase Rights)


Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.


.00 Net Per Share


EA08 Acquisition Corp.

a wholly-owned subsidiary of

Electronic Arts Inc.




I HATE EA!!!!!! :pissedred: They are brutally trying to take over Take Two's shareholders, this is a must read!!

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Urbanoutlaw 16th April, 2008 @ 23:53 - Permalink

10/10, how often does that happen? The next 2 weeks won't pass fast enough.

Wish I had some $$$ to buy the stock at the beginning of the year, but I won't spend any on it as long as EA is

pursuing it. If they do force Take Two into a buyout I expect the stock to be worthless by the end of the year.

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Artur 17th April, 2008 @ 01:04 - Permalink

Bad news about EA. :(

Good news about GTA IV. Sounds amazing and looks amazing too. Seeing as I'm an achievement whore I'll probably beat it within 30 hours then.