Site Update - New Niko Bellic Video

By Chris | 25th Apr 2008 at 18:26 GMT in GTA IV | 7 Comments

The official Grand Theft Auto IV website has been updated with an introduction video for Niko Bellic, focusing on his past.

There's also a high resolution version available at GameTrailers.

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Andrew91 25th April, 2008 @ 20:33 - Permalink

Wow, awesome.

It was kind of sad...

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NotYouHaha 25th April, 2008 @ 20:50 - Permalink

So it seems as though Niko doesn't completely want to be a criminal. He does it because he needs to.

I wonder what he needs the money for. Being an assassin and/or criminal gets better pay than he'll (probably) need.'s photo 25th April, 2008 @ 21:36 - Permalink

That was so cool.

I love that he's emotional like that, it makes him less gangster/bro/black, like C.J. And i like that.

He also reminds me of agent 47, and i like agent 47, so i LOVE Nico.

But he turned out just as i imagined, and that makes me happy, and very excited :D

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rockstarrem 25th April, 2008 @ 21:48 - Permalink

That was awesome. "It pays. And I'm good at it!"

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Zenny246 25th April, 2008 @ 22:41 - Permalink

"The creature that could do this doesn't have a soul."

What a great line. The story to this is gonna be so integral. Really deep.

I can't wait. I think it's the first ever GTA where there's been a sense of "remorse" associated with the main character.

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Artur 26th April, 2008 @ 17:13 - Permalink

That was awesome man. Sweet video.

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GTA Don 26th April, 2008 @ 18:59 - Permalink

I can't stop watching this video! I must have seen it at least 41 times!