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By rockstarrem | 27th Apr 2008 at 15:50 GMT in GTA IV | 3 Comments

CGaming has just put up an excellent video review of Grand Theft Auto IV. They explain the singleplayer, multiplayer, and everything from how Niko walks down the stairs to how big Liberty City is. I strongly recommend you check it out, here's the YouTube video:

Thanks GTADon.

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Ziggy 27th April, 2008 @ 16:43 - Permalink

This is the only video/review that has actually made me want the game less, rather than more.

- The physics engine looks cheap - kind of a Tony Hawk-style ragdoll look as Niko was flying through the air after crashing on a bike.

- He was barely moving when he crashed his bike into the fence, but still flew forward quite a ways.

- The cheap-looking fire in front of the back tires, shown a couple times in the video.

- The way he escaped from the cops looked very poorly implemented.

- Niko leans WAY too much when turning.

- It's nice that Niko walks down each stair individually, but that, too, looks poorly implemented.

- The car blowing up didn't look very realistic.

- I thought everyone was supposed to react better to what's going on around them. So why are they just driving casually when Niko flies off his bike, goes through the sign, and lands about 20 feet in front of his bike? Then the cops start shooting at him (yeah, very realistic - cops almost NEVER Shoot, especially if someone gets hurt), and everyone continues to drive casually.

- The cop just ran up behind Niko, pointed his gun at his head, and stood there. A real cop would try to take Niko down and cuff him. Instead, they just stand there, ready to open fire on him after he moves one inch!

- He said the missions may seem repetitive at times.

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rockstarrem 27th April, 2008 @ 17:00 - Permalink

It made me want the game more, but alright, entitled to you're on opinion.

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mutu 27th April, 2008 @ 17:17 - Permalink

I do have to agree with a couple of things he says. But Im looking forward to the game anyway.