New Chinatown Wars Details Emerge

By rockstarrem | 19th Sep 2008 at 16:19 GMT in Chinatown Wars | 4 Comments

Kotaku has some new details on the upcoming GTA game "Chinatown Wars" for the Nintendo DS being released sometime this winter.

To clear up all confusion, Kotaku has confirmed this is a "real" GTA game, not a minigame of any sort, but a full featured game being released on the DS. It will feature D-Pad aiming and many features we saw in GTA IV. One including a PDA (instead of a cell phone) for a lot of interactions. The list they include is "email, contacts, map, music player, GPS, [and] stat-tracking." The stats can supposedly be uploaded to Rockstar Games Social Club website via a Wi-Fi connection to keep track of in-game progress.

Here is a list of all the features:

- True GTA game - sandbox gameplay, open-world environment, gritty crime narrative.

- M-rating

- Isometric camera angle

- Cel-shaded polygons w/ black borders

- good touch-screen implementation - "tasteful" minigames, streamlining interface

- UI based on a PDA - hub for email, contacts, map, music player, GPS, stat-tracking

- stats uploaded to Rockstar Social Club website via Wi-Fi

- finger-sized icons

- missions designed for shorter periods of play, arcade quality

- aiming with control pad, auto targeting with R button

- subtle autosteer

- if you fail a mission, you can jump back to the action sequence

- chain gun, flamethrower

- good portion of Liberty City is modeled in the game (different routes than console games)

- no probems with load times, draw-in or frame rate

- lots of pedestrians, cars, etc on screen

- Wanted system - objective is to disable police cars any way possible

- real-time weather effects, 24-hour day/night cycle

- lots of radio stations to listen to (more instrumentals than vocals)

- 800,000 lines of hand-optimized source code (hey, the people like the info, right?)

- no details yet on multiplayer/Wi-Fi features

Now most of this is considered rumor right now, but the info is taken from a November issue of Nintendo Power Magazine, so we can be pretty certain that this is the real deal.


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Victor_Vance 22nd September, 2008 @ 21:27 - Permalink

it sounds cool cant wait

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claude-5 23rd September, 2008 @ 09:30 - Permalink

sounds top-class for a DS game, im defo picking it up

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Harwood Butcher 23rd September, 2008 @ 23:04 - Permalink

I'm honestly thinking about getting a DS just for this game.

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Nate10 25th September, 2008 @ 00:37 - Permalink

Mmmmm good info.