Rockstar Social Club gets a revamp

By Chris | 25th Nov 2008 at 14:46 GMT in General | 3 Comments

Rockstar's Social Club has received a nice new update today. A new design and nicknames have been added to the website. The friends system and a message wall will be added in the future.

Rockstar Nicknames are our way of bridging the gap between Xbox 360® / Games for Windows® users and PLAYSTATION®3 users. Now, one unified Rockstar ID will enable you to interact with Friends regardless of which systems you all play on. Start by choosing a Rockstar Nickname to represent yourself. Pick the one you want before someone else does!

This will be used as your primary display name in many areas around Social Club. Note that platform-specific areas such as game stats will continue to use your LIVE® Gamertag or PLAYSTATION®Network ID; however, many new areas such as the forthcoming Social Club TV (coming with the release of Grand Theft Auto IV for PC on December 2nd) and Message Wall (coming soon) will use Rockstar Nicknames so that you and your friends can find and interact with each other regardless of which systems you own or play on.

Read more about friends, nicknames and Social Club 1.1.

EvoLuTioN's photo
EvoLuTioN 25th November, 2008 @ 16:10 - Permalink

Wow Since when has it been up? My nick is already taken. Anyways my nick is EvoZaniac. The Social club seems fun, becoming a SocioNet site of R* game players.

Btw Are we gonna have a nice Social club nick under the profile like the PSN and xbl ids?

Chris's photo
Chris 25th November, 2008 @ 16:23 - Permalink

I guess we could do, but that'll only be useful when they actually open the friends feature of the SC. Until then we can't add each other or anything.

Harwood Butcher's photo
Harwood Butcher 27th November, 2008 @ 18:38 - Permalink

Yeah, "The Harwood Butcher" and "Harwood Butcher" were already taken, which wasn't too surprising.

Then I found out "Original GTA Master" and even "OGTAM" was taken...which was sort of surprising.

So I went with "Harwood Butcher (OGTAM)". If that were taken I would have shit myself.