SparkIV 0.5.1 and OpenIV 0.8 updates released

By Chris | 30th Dec 2008 at 22:33 GMT in GTA IV | 0 Comments

Modders in the community will be happy to know that texture file editing has now been made possible with the latest update aru has made to his excellent SparkIV tool. This latest update also includes the following features and fixes:

- Support for Texture File editing with Import (replace only) functionality

- Support for viewing Texture mipmaps and viewing colour channels separately

- Support for showing most of the filenames in Audio RPF (v3) files.

- Support for launching external registered editors based on extension

- Fixed some bugs with IMG file saving

You can Download SparkIV here which will take you to the GTAF thread (download link in first post).

The other major tool we've been covering is OpenIV, also currently in beta stages. That program also underwent a small update today to fix a few bugs and add a couple of new features:

- fixed bug with RPF files

- fixed bug with geting information form GTAIV.exe

- Added ability to edit «Levels» of texture.

- Added automatic check for updates.

- Now it’s possible to edit *.WHM files.

You can Download OpenIV here.

It's great to see development in both tools progressing so well. As these tools get bigger and better we'll hopefully see some very interesting mods very soon.

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