GTA London Release

By Adriaan | 21st May 2005 at 16:01 GMT in Vice City | 3 Comments

Tommorow is the release date for the GTA London total conversion mod running on Vice City. After 3 years in it's history, Xenon from happily announced to me today that he will be releasing the first version of this mod.

Below we outline some of the features that can be seen:

► 20 new cars, some made specificly for this mod

► New police uniform for player and actors

► A new underground cavern Downtown

► New spawning positions for all vehicles

► New character spawning position

► No roadblocks

► Get drunk at the malibu for

► New vehicle spawning cheats

► Xenon's BBC Mod

► Textures changing

So check back tommorow around afternoon(GMT) at

Spaz The Great's photo
Spaz The Great 21st May, 2005 @ 22:23 - Permalink

Sounds cool. Sort of like the Europe TCM for SA that's being worked on, right?((that is, if you know about it. I offered to help but then lost all interest and left)).

I'll download it when it's finished.

Airashii's photo
Airashii 21st May, 2005 @ 22:38 - Permalink

Yes, that does sound rather cool, it's a bit of a shame that I don't actually own a copy of Vice City on PC.

It's good news for people that do though.

888ball's photo
888ball 23rd May, 2005 @ 21:20 - Permalink

wow get drunk, sounds fun

i might buy vc on PC if it goes cheap