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San Andreas Xbox Cheats

By Chris | 7th Jun 2005 at 18:56 GMT in San Andreas | 2 Comments

Whilst browsing GameFAQs earlier I was suprised to see that cheat codes for the Xbox version of San Andreas have been submitted by a user called "Jay FNG Philbrook". As of yet the PC codes haven't been released.

We aren't 100% sure if these are all real codes but we can't find anybody saying they're fake. If you do happen to own the Xbox version and you don't mind testing them out please contact us and let us know if they are the real deal.

Check out the GTASA Xbox Cheats page to see them all (currently in alphabetical order). We'll have San Andreas PC cheats and mods very, very soon!

jdzwster's photo
jdzwster 8th June, 2005 @ 17:11 - Permalink

anyone know of pc cheats? or any possible save games? i'm havin some issues beatin that first mission on bike lol

Chris's photo
Chris 8th June, 2005 @ 18:33 - Permalink

As of yet there's no PC cheats released.