Official Site Updated

By Chris | 8th Jun 2005 at 00:15 GMT in San Andreas | 2 Comments

Rockstar have updated the Official PC Website and also the Official Xbox Website with new media.

Here's a look at the 4 new Xbox screens:


Check them out in full on the Xbox Screenshots page.

Plo Koon's photo
Plo Koon 8th June, 2005 @ 00:36 - Permalink

some nice screenshots. They look better than the PS2's for some reason. Man I am really liking your new look on your site. :D The things on it goes awesome on it.

Adriaan's photo
Adriaan 8th June, 2005 @ 13:54 - Permalink

Yeah all we need to sort out is that HTML posted in the news will show up. Also the quoting dont work on the news no more!