San Andreas Mods

By Chris | 10th Jun 2005 at 19:51 GMT in San Andreas | 1 Comment

We have three new mods to our database. The first and probably the greatest is the "hot coffee" mod by PatrickW, which unlocks the secret interactive sex scenes that Rockstar hid away from us. It also makes it so that all girlfriends are available from the start, and you are able to date your girlfriend at any time during the day as opposed to a certain times.

Secondly we have the San Andreas Opened Up mod by Craig Kostelecky, which does exactly as the title suggests. It opens up the whole of San Andreas up by removing all the barriers and the wanted stars you attain for getting past them.

Thirdly we have the Slow Peds mod by mvi, this changes all of the pedestrian animations to that of the old lady. It's especially funny to watch the police chase you on foot.

Download Links: San Andreas Opened Up, Hot Coffee Mod, Slow Peds

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mvi 10th June, 2005 @ 20:32 - Permalink

And in twenty minutes you should have two more mods ;)