OPS2 Australia and GTA LCS map info

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<img src="http://thegtaplace.com/images/news/ops2australia.jpg" width="150" height="192" border="1" align="left">The Official Playstaion 2 Magazine in Australia was released a few days ago and it pretty much had the same info from all the other magazines we saw the last few days. However, these journalists were lucky enough to pause the game and see the in-game map.

What they are telling us is that the map is basically the same as Liberty City from GTA3, but Shoreside Vale this time round is almost twice as big! It curls up to be above Stanton Island on the map.

Also a few more details are that there is a casino in St Marks owned by the Leone's, JD O'Tolle works for the Sindacco family (from GTA:SA). Finally a few more confirmations on Gameplay are that Toni will be able to change clothes, shoot out tires and bail on moving vehicles.

Acording to this great preview(doesnt contain any new screenshots) Michael Madsen might not even voice Toni Cipriani (the main character). We quote :

<em>"While Rockstar were not able to confrim that

Madsen would return to reprise his role it is said

that high callbre voice-acting is a huge priority for

Liberty City Stories"</em>

Next we have info about the improvements made to suit the PSP. The radar that can be seen on the bottom left corner of older GTA's are included. However, to fit the small PSP screen, the radar will be semi transparent. Which means you can see through it onto the road or everywhere in the game.

Acording to the magazine there won't be any helicopters or planes, but hey thats the words from the magazine, not the words from R*.

Finally the last quote shows that GTA LCS will have the most features from previous GTA's, if not even more!!

<em>"We are pleased to tell you that Rockstar have recreated

every aspect of GTA3's near limitless playground.

But rather then pat itself on the back and ship the game,

Rockstar decided this acheivment wasnt enough, it wanted to

cram as much of hit einnovations from Vice City and San Andreas

into LCS as possible"</em>

<em> Thanks to Josh from GTA-PSP.net</em>

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