"Play" Germany publishes LCS preview.

By Adriaan | 21st Jun 2005 at 14:03 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 6 Comments

<img src="http://thegtaplace.com/images/news/playgermany.jpg" width="150" height="211" border="1" align="right">A magazine called "Play" from Germany got to see a exclusive preview for Liberty City Stories at the Take 2 Interactive booth at E3 this May. From all the magazine previews seen so far, this has got to be the best preview with the greatest info. Our friends at <a href="http://www.gtalcs.com"target="_blank">GTALCS.com</a> have the article translated from German to English. I read the article and below you can find the info that stood out:

• R1 targets enemies. The player can use the d-pad to change between


• Enemies are marked with a red dot, while on pursuit this helps alot. (something similar to the Driver games)

• As we know, the HUD will not be filling up the screen and is semi-transparent to ensure a good view.

• Streets are still the same, but the "image" has changed a bit, due to the new time setting.

• Some of the buildings that were seen in GTA3 aren't in Liberty City Stories, cause remember its three years back.

• Alot has changed, people wear different clothes and act differently than the pedestrians from GTA3.

• R* did try and delete most of the constant pop-ups and fog.

• Mirror and particle effects can be seen in the game due to the high resolution display.

• Michael Madsen will return to voice Toni, like in GTA3. Several characters from GTA3 can be seen in Liberty City Stories.

• Hidden packages, stunt-bonuses and a in-game radio are back. The article mentions being able to play your own music from the PSP's memory stick.

• Amunation stores will make a return(what is GTA without guns?) and the article mentions that you can buy alot of "old" guns. Ranging from a typical 9mm to a MP.

As far as the graphics go, LCS looks a bit better than GTA 3, however in the OPS2 Australia article they mentioned that the PSP only has 90% of the PS2's graphics and prosessing power, but alot has improved in GTA and game developing over the past 4 years.

Liberty city Stories has new ideas and improvements from previous GTA's. However Rockstar will be bringing back some of the old features. Like bicycles driving through Liberty City, or Toni that will be able to change clothes, just like CJ could. Not to forget that the player can decide what he wants to wear, he can make make Toni wear a sport

t-shirt or a tuxedo.

This will most certainly be a unique game on its own. If you want to read the full translation visit <a href="http://www.gtalcs.com"target="_blank">GTALCS.com</a>, translation is thanks to vALKYR

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Spaz The Great 21st June, 2005 @ 17:30 - Permalink

That is really cool. Can't wait to get this beast of a PSP game! :dribble:

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tommy vercetti guy 21st June, 2005 @ 19:38 - Permalink

The semi-transperant HUD seems like a cool idea :) , but removing, the fog, no way :angry:

Anyways, is changing clothes going to be like SA where you go into a wardrobe and pick out your torso, pants, etc, or is it more live VC where there are clothes icons and they give you a full set of new clothes?

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Adriaan 21st June, 2005 @ 20:32 - Permalink

Frankly that is not known yet, I dont even think the magazines even know it. All of them just said you can change clothes... but there is a possibily for this feature. Don't think it'll take too long to import it from SA over to GTA LCS. If the PSP and the UMD space allows it, why not? Otherwise it will be icons, but Toni did wear several different clothes in thos screens. So I think there will be stores.

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dubert233 21st June, 2005 @ 20:35 - Permalink

if the clothes changing system is like SA then i hope it wont take so long to see how the clothes look on tony. know what i mean?

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Adriaan 21st June, 2005 @ 21:09 - Permalink

I know exactly what you mean. Well, I hope so. You mean when you pick something new it loads a bit for him to get it on before you can see it.

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dubert233 21st June, 2005 @ 22:43 - Permalink

yeah that was one of the few minor problems that irritated me in SA