GTA V Artwork: Pest Control

By Chris | 24th Oct 2012 at 17:15 GMT in GTA V | 13 Comments

Rockstar have just released the first official GTA V artwork, featuring a scene from last year's debut trailer titled "Pest Control". Rockstar also promised "lots of info coming next month", some of which we know will be coming from Game Informer's exclusive preview


You can grab the artwork in various sizes for your devices from the official website.

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BlackListedB 24th October, 2012 @ 17:22 - Permalink

Well, like the screenshots, most people seem exasperated by the info drought, I'm STILL not excited myself, because I expected to be playing the game myself at this time, THIS year!!

But, as we've seen, fans haven't been asleep at the wheel when it comes to art for GTA V either, but it just does little to shed any new light, and that's what I want most, what's new about this GTA versus all the past entries?

Mere words can't even do the hype justice. Sorry to be a downer on this topic, but just HOW exclusive the GI article will be remains to be seen

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JustADummy 24th October, 2012 @ 17:25 - Permalink

Some of you just can't get excited. Anything related to GTAV excites me, because it's simply a piece of art. Amazing. And I do think this will be the GI cover for some reason :P

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Chris 24th October, 2012 @ 18:03 - Permalink

just HOW exclusive the GI article will be remains to be seen

Sounds like you don't know about GI's history of exclusive GTA reveals...

It will be fucking huge.

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BlackListedB 24th October, 2012 @ 18:34 - Permalink

I'm not knocking the art, but it populates the game itself. Don't forget those who knock us 'graphics whores', the point is, I think graphics are very much an attracting element in video games, it's Electronic Art's namesake, and for me, long been a factor, contributing to people paying 0 or more just to get the best graphics card GPU on the market every year! haha Now, that's being a graphics whore fo' sho'

GI's published base in in Minnesota, IIRC, but it's not found on every newstand around here, go figure!??

Yep, local rag, but I did miss that one, but make no mistakes, I've picked up GTA related magazines, mostly pre- broadband days, I had dial up for many a year, but I pretty much ran out of space for magazines, there's always the Digital variety I suppose

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JustADummy 24th October, 2012 @ 20:09 - Permalink

GI has always had the first GTA worldwide previews, with lots of pages and details. It won't be different this time.

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Blur 24th October, 2012 @ 20:29 - Permalink

Damn! this wallpaper looks good on my 22'' screen. Love the colors.

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Bustago 25th October, 2012 @ 05:51 - Permalink

Hello new desktop background. Cant wait for the GI info, I need to dig up my VC and SA copies...

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BlackListedB 25th October, 2012 @ 17:20 - Permalink

GI has always had the first GTA worldwide previews, with lots of pages and details. It won't be different this time.

Always? Wanna back that up with some proof, scans of the covers and dates? I'd like more then just word of mouth on it, since over the years, I never subscribed to one gaming magazine. Recently I went through my sister's husband's magazines, and there's plenty of Max Payne and GTA coverage for PC gamers as well, not often known as a game coming out for PC gamers first in mind, of course, but they're gamers just the same

It's always speculated that the PC and GTA will prove the meddle of your PC gaming system, or in my mind, point out the poor spots in the engine and optimization

As far as Game Informer, nothing against them, I appreciate the art, but it's nothing we've not seen in using a scene we've seen.... you feel me?!? haha

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BlackListedB 25th October, 2012 @ 18:45 - Permalink

This from my friend Adriaan at GTAForums;

This is most certainly not "concept art". "Concept Art" is what is used during development by conceptual artists that work alongside the developers of the game. A concept artist would often realize a scene, vehicle or other art asset for the game BEFORE other artists start work on modeling and texturing.

What you are seeing is from NYC's Publishing Team, specifically their Art department and is what you would refer to as an "Official Artwork". This is what you see across their wallpaper section, on the cover of the game, posters etc. that depicts the game in its current state.

Sure, the masks may be a little different here and there from the one in the actual game, but we'd have to wait and see.

Worth reposting, because that's exactly my main point about this art, it's not concept art, which in essence was featured in the EDGE magazine article with lengthy Sam Houser words on using the Euphoria middleware

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JustADummy 26th October, 2012 @ 14:37 - Permalink

GI has always had the first GTA worldwide previews, with lots of pages and details. It won't be different this time.

Always? Wanna back that up with some proof, scans of the covers and dates? Search as you wish through the years. GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA IV, all had worldwide previews firstly on GI.

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BlackListedB 26th October, 2012 @ 16:49 - Permalink

Firstly would mean you have a pretty good time line on other gaming magazines, for me, I just check the stands and see which gives the best insite at the time, GamePro, PSM, etc, I usually check all the game magazine as time allots but I'm not saying anything definitive one way or the other, I just say that's a big claim to make, there have been people going out of their way to try and piece some time-lines together, but given the WORLD wide aspect, it's undaunting I'm sure. Not everyone, everywhere can find magazines like Game Informer, or GamePro, some news stands only seem to carry Nintendo magazine! hahaha

Looking way back, I remember the stars of Sega Genesis, for me, the EA Desert Strike series and ToeJam and Earl, all time favs of the 16meg era! haha

The Immortal is also one worth checking out from Will Harvey IIRC

I don't see GTA III or GTA/II on there but oh, well. PC Gamer I do have access to here, and they did a Vice cover story looking back at prior review ratings for those 2D versions, I put scans up on GTAC, but they are my own scans, so I'm hosting them on our upstart site only

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Rowie235 28th October, 2012 @ 10:06 - Permalink

@BlackListedB Are you just trying to be an arrogant keyboard warrior? What's your beef? Why are you here if you're just going to complain?

And everyone, everywhere CAN get magazines like Game Informer or GamePro. It's called a mail out subscription or the internet.

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BlackListedB 29th October, 2012 @ 00:37 - Permalink

What I like about Rockstar's treatment, compared to the leak promo lobby posters is that there's more of a graphic scene going on in their rendering, some might say, expected given it's the entire art piece officially disclosed, so there's likely more to the new one as well!

@Rowie, not being a pessimist entirely, just think many people online who are casual observers make bold claims, and you can't actually fact check everyone claiming such things, just putting it out there, I believe there's truth to it or I wouldn't make a point of it