10 New GTA V Screenshots - Sunsets, Seas, Skies...

By Chris | 30th Mar 2013 at 13:46 GMT in GTA V | 7 Comments

NOTE: We know these were released a few days ago but the site has suffered a lengthy downtime, which we've explained here.
After a long drought without any word from Rockstar on any aspect of the game, the silence has finally broken, and today we have 10 beautiful new screenshots of GTA V. Check them out below!

751.jpg 750.jpg 749.jpg 748.jpg 747.jpg 746.jpg 745.jpg 744.jpg 743.jpg 742.jpg

Link: Sunsets, Seas, Skies and So On... | All GTA V Screenshots

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TUN3R 30th March, 2013 @ 14:50 - Permalink

I miss the days when GTA used to be 90% about cars and guns and 10% about environments, today it seems to be quite the opposite...

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BlackListedB 30th March, 2013 @ 16:38 - Permalink

I couldn't disagree more, some GTAers who are consumed by the car aspect even go so far as dislike Red Dead Redemptions trading cars for horses, for me it's about making Open World gaming the best it can be, for Rockstar to lead and not follow. RDR works well because of it's historical time and place, not over-run by population. For GTA it's more about all manner of modern travel, and if we can have more things on screen at any given time, that's great, but always the most challenging, no matter what game, no matter if on the fastest gaming PC, animating more things on screen with good FPS results is the most challenging thing in computing to day. You simply can't ask for miracles there. Cars and trucks are the main aspect of GTA, but certainly not the only one!!


Driving Semi tractor trailers will be good, flying all over the immense map, SWIMMING all bodies of water, will certainly be good! I'm liking it.

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TUN3R 30th March, 2013 @ 17:33 - Permalink

Wrong. Grand Theft Auto is about shooting and driving, and sometimes both at the same time. Hence the title GRAND THEFT AUTO. Cars and guns are the core aspect of the game, not the only aspect of the game sure, but the most important one. In GTA IV they were treated like filler content though, and in GTA V they apear to be recycled content.


I fail to see how Red Dead Redemption is in any way relevant here, your agument is invalid.

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BlackListedB 30th March, 2013 @ 17:58 - Permalink

GTA is about crime satire adult comedy and story, am I right?! I am. As it matures, having morals placed more in the story and outcomes is worthy, many took issue with this in GTA IV, but even RDR has morals developing in various story places. I find it haunting in the aftermath of the story when it's based on that reality that's always something of a conflict.


Having fun and anything goes as far as the game allows is part of that, but think about all those apposing forces against GTA and violence in video games, it's that angle that effects my mission here and any GTA forum, including my own. I'm raised a Christian and fighting for the game's rights against those decency folks. I believe a vicarious game where no one dies or gets hurt is reason enough to justify it's existence, but you, or others are not doing that argument any favors.


GTA will continue to evolve in a more realistic and mature fashion, that's my brave prediction, but it's expected the gaming audience would too. You strike me as stunted however! haha

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TUN3R 30th March, 2013 @ 18:04 - Permalink

GTA is about crime satire adult comedy and story, am I right?! I am.


No, you're not.


GTA will continue to evolve in a more realistic and mature fashion


But sadly, that's true.

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BlackListedB 30th March, 2013 @ 18:12 - Permalink

The most EXCITING aspect of GTA is it's growth for AI and graphics, we've come along way, baby.

If you're blind to that fact, I feel sorry for you, but I won't lose another minute's sleep. I see the wait paying off in a San Andreas successor moving from one gen console to the next, the current ones, that is. Going out with a bang before another new platform is the basis for GTA.


I'm right about story, and basing my epinion as stated on what Sam Houser himself said, and my believe that GTA's characteristic missions define it's own nature in it's own genre

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TUN3R 30th March, 2013 @ 20:00 - Permalink

You like making stuff up badly, I'm blind to the fact that GTA is all graphics these days? You ether can't read or you're an idiot. Or both.


Anyway GTA V isn't San Andreas' successor it's GTA IV's successor. Dummy.