GTAV Artwork: Friends and Family

By Chris | 4th Jul 2013 at 16:03 GMT in GTA V | 4 Comments

Happy 4th of July to our American visitors. To help you celebrate escaping from the glorious British Empire, Rockstar have released a couple of high definition artworks. They're not new, we saw lower resolution ones many weeks ago, however we now have much higher resolution full widescreen versions of Lamar, and Jimmy and Tracey.


v_lamar_th.jpg v_jimmy_th.jpg

Lamar - Jimmy & Tracey


In addition, we've updated our GTAV artwork page with these and a couple of older ones we'd forgotten to add before.

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BlackListedB 5th July, 2013 @ 01:25 - Permalink

Jimmy and Tracey photo appears between two pages of the GAMEStm magazine spread. I reported on seeing that issue on newstands. I'm in the USA and about to go out and film fireworks. Very nice weather here too! Have a happy!


I didn't see the Lemar one before, but what was funny is in A and A someone assumed, IIRC, that what was shown were in game photos, and everyone's rather excited that Rockstar have promised some game play video, but I believe that's prior to release. More on Multiplayer is likely the next reveal in store for waiting fans

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Korin 5th July, 2013 @ 01:59 - Permalink

yay Indendpence Day actually means something


unlike Domnion day here

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BlackListedB 7th July, 2013 @ 15:08 - Permalink

Rockstar's Newswire updates are on the art, Multiplayer and YouTube fan made videos this time, and not on any GTA V actual game reveals, so the upcoming week should have more in that regard... I posted as much on their comments section, however, it's good to see Rockstar still take the time to look at what fans are doing and saying, but some of that attitude they themselves present leaves me scratching my head, like deleting comments asking about PC release, and avoiding more specifics about the new consoles and tech, as well as playing online with developers. I've personally asked for information about such things, but Rockstar have avoided or deleted such queries on their own site. Just makes me wonder where is the support for fans then?? I hate to even bash on them in this regard, but it just shouldn't even be a factor we have to deal with coming from them!

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Blur 7th July, 2013 @ 18:29 - Permalink

I think it is like the second worst kept secert in the gaming industry that GTAV is going to come to PC eventually. Sometime 6 - 8 months down the line if we are going on Rockstar's previous track record. (I would put money on that). So they are probably just getting sick of hearing about it. Next gen consoles - I have no idea.