GTAV Official Gameplay Video Coming Tomorrow

By Chris | 8th Jul 2013 at 15:27 GMT in GTA V | 2 Comments

Rockstar have just announced that we'll finally be getting a GTAV gameplay trailer tomorrow at 3PM UK time (10AM Eastern US)!



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BlackListedB 8th July, 2013 @ 21:42 - Permalink

ABOUT FU**IN TIME!! hahaha


Actually, a first some have said...or thought. Since Rockstar have maintained that all trailers and teasers are already created with the actual engine used in normal hands on gameplay, what you don't see is your normal perspective third person view or HUDs of any kind, which take away from the normal desired cinematic effect with trailers of any sort

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Blur 8th July, 2013 @ 22:58 - Permalink

The King is back! Tommorow Rockstar will show to the world why they are the best devs in the industry. Game of the generation ladies and gentlemen.


Man I won't be able to sleep tonight!