GTAV Midnight Launches

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Some lucky people have managed to get their hands on a copy of GTAV earlier than the rest of us, but the vast majority are still awaiting the game's official release on Tuesday. Some of the slightly more impatient among us will be going to midnight launches, there's thousands happening all over the world. Rockstar recently posted a great store finder for people in the US and UK, but it is by no means exhaustive, and obviously of no help to those outside these two countries. Below are some additional stores in a few other large countries, if you know of any others happening in your country, do let us know in the comments or tweet at us.
us.gif USA

Microsoft Store - Starting at 10PM on Monday night, Microsoft retail stores are holding launch parties where fans can compete for fun and bragging rights. Customers will enjoy food, swag, and raffle prizes. They can then pick up their copy of GTAV at midnight. Find your nearest store on

Walmart and Best Buy will be giving away some free stuff to people who pre-ordered. Walmart will be giving away a GTAV logo keyring while Best Buy will be giving away character posters (while supplies last).

GameStop will also be opening most of their stores for midnight launches at 9PM, you can use Rockstar's store finder below or see their website for more details.
See the store finder at the bottom of this post for Walmart, Best Buy and almost all other US store locations.
gb.gif UK

GAME - Stores across the UK (including Northern Ireland) will be holding midnight launches, most will open at around 11:45 PM and should remain open until at least 1 AM. A full list is available on their website (and also in the store finder below).
HMV - HMV rather unhelpfully never revealed which of their stores would be holding midnight launches, they did however say that "most of [their] flasgship" stores would be opening at midnight, so if you live in a big-ish city then yours should be open, might be worth checking during the day to make sure though.
Blockbuster - I was not aware they still existed, but apparently they do, and it seems all their stores will be holding midnight launches. Full list on their website (and also in the store finder below).
Tesco and Asda - Many of these supermarkets are 24-hour stores already so these are unsurprising, use Rockstar's store finder below to see if yours will be opening at midnight.
ie.gif Ireland
Xtravision - A full list of midnight and early morning launches are available on their website.
GameStop - Unfortunately they don't have a full list of stores, but they have confirmed many will be opening at midnight. Check with your local store to make sure.
Tesco - Many Tesco supermarkets will be opening at midnight if they aren't already 24-hour stores, there's no list online so you'll need to check with your local store to make sure.
ca.gif Canada
EB Games - A full list of midnight and early morning launches are available on their website.
au.gif Australia
EB Games - As long as you don't live in Western Australia you're probably in luck, many stores will be opening as early as 10 PM Monday night, those that aren't (actually all of them) will be opening nice and early at 8 AM on Tuesday. See the full list of stores on their website. Also, If you're in Sydney they are holding a massive party at World Square, with many top DJs performing. The first 400 customers will get free burritos! See this press release for full details.
JB Hi-Fi - As well as being the cheapest place to buy the game ( AUD), you're also in luck as long as you don't live in Western Australia, many stores will be opening late Monday night after 10 PM or so. See the full list on their website.
nz.gif New Zealand
EB Games - All stores opening at midnight, but some smaller stores will have their launch at a nearby larger store. Check with your local one to make sure.
JB HiFi - See here. If you pre-ordered you should get a free poster when you go to pick it up, they're also cheap at NZD. Stores in Albany, Botany, St. Lukes, Queen Street, Westgate and Wellington will be open at midnight.
Rockstar's UK and US midnight launch finder

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Rowie235 15th September, 2013 @ 23:09 - Permalink

I booked in my JB Hi-Fi midnight launch attendence LOOOOOONG AGO. Is it sad that I've taken the day off work on tuesday to play it? General answer here would be no.

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Jezz Torrent 16th September, 2013 @ 00:22 - Permalink

Not sad at all!

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Blur 16th September, 2013 @ 08:53 - Permalink

Hell no. My copy is reserved. This is the most excited I have ever been for a game. Its time to go back home.