Grand Theft Auto V Day One Sales Exceed 0 Million

By Chris | 18th Sep 2013 at 20:57 GMT in GTA V | 3 Comments

Wow. That is probably the most impressive title I've ever written for a news article. You read it right, Take Two has confirmed today that Grand Theft Auto V made over $ 800 million during the first day of sales worldwide (excluding Japan and Brazil). This is a new record for first day sales, beating out the previous record holder Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which made $ 500 million on its first day. This puts GTAV squarely on track to reach $ 1 billion in record time. It took Black Ops 2 15 days to reach this figure, while Modern Warfare 3 took 16 days. And in the film industry, the record holder is Avatar, and that took 17 days to reach a billion.
I expect most of you have now played some GTA V, and I think we can all agree it is one of the greatest games of all time, if not the greatest. Massive congratulations to everyone at Rockstar for pulling off something this amazing.
Below is the relevant excerpt from the press release.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep. 18, 2013-- Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTWO) today announced that Grand Theft Auto V delivered the highest first day retail sales of any title in the history of the Company and the Grand Theft Auto series. Launched on September 17 for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the title has already received widespread critical acclaim and achieved first day sell-through of more than $ 800 million worldwide, excluding the upcoming launch in Japan and Brazil, according to Company estimates.

“All of us at Take-Two are thrilled with the initial response to Grand Theft Auto V. Once again, the team at Rockstar Games have outdone themselves, setting the entertainment industry's new standard for creativity, innovation and excellence," said Strauss Zelnick, Chairman and CEO of Take-Two. “Beginning at midnight on Monday, consumers around the world gathered in anticipation to be among the first to experience the evolution of this remarkable series. In North America alone, more than 8,300 stores opened their doors at midnight to welcome fans whose loyalty and enthusiasm were rewarded with what The New York Times called ‘the most immersive spectacle in interactive entertainment’. We are incredibly proud of Rockstar Games’ creative achievement and could not be more pleased with the success of this launch.”

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BlackListedB 18th September, 2013 @ 21:44 - Permalink

Yep, I find it hard to believe, given that with movies, people will phone friends and give their critique before someone opts to go see it on their own, and in effect change the audience numbers if they give a bad or poor, or disappointing review. Now that we've had our own hands on GTA V, we know it's not outperforming GTAs prior firing on all cylinders. Some have come down rather hard on faults they find with the game, looking at GTAForums' comments the other day, I find the more you live with it, you can see the various elements from all the prior titles that take shape in GTA 5, but sadly explosions, fires, debris are all lacking, and it's a major snub for this title. I only hope they make the needed corrections for these elements moving forward. Everything else is standard fare and enjoyable so far, but AI is always needing improving, humor in ped conversations is toned down as well, it seems thus far.


Outside of police chases, happening naturally without your involvement, off-mission, things are pretty quiet all over Los Santos.

I really prefer if you help take down a criminal NPC the cops won't chase you for helping them, but they will, which is disheartening. I'd like to know what others think about that aspect. A helicopter flew right over my head and VANISHED, though the sound was still there, it's things like this that mar the GTA V experience.


Just have to be honest about it, don't want to be the proverbial wet-towel. Aside from that, I hope it keeps generating monies, it's been a long haul for Rockstar, and the title GTA should live on despite a few flat tires here and there, but it seems to me, the tires need kicking! Let's Kick some tires and light some fires, boyz!

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Nate10 19th September, 2013 @ 04:34 - Permalink

I'm more on Chris's side. This is one of the best videogames I've played in my life. BIG WOW to the sales figures so far. 

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BlackListedB 26th September, 2013 @ 01:57 - Permalink

There's no question this is a better GTA on the same engine and consoles, but it's also lacking all around improvements but I won't harp over and over on that as I stated what they are so far, in my eyes. What I will say though is that in many ways the GTA 5 Fresh Coat of Paint that Rockstar applied seems nearly in direct response to the PC community's ICEnhancer for PC GTA IV, they did take notice of the work and feature it on their own site, for those who remain skeptical.


It shows that the consoles could look nearly just as good as GTA IV with ICE on top! haha