15 New 4K Screenshots of GTA V for PC

By Chris | 27th Mar 2015 at 17:06 GMT in GTA V | 0 Comments

Rockstar have just released 15 new high-res 4K screenshots of the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. The game is thankfully still on track for release on the 14th April, and an official trailer is due out next week. Click the thumbnails below to see the screenshots in their full 4K glory.

1_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 2_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 3_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 4_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 5_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 6_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 7_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 8_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 9_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 10_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 11_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 12_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 13_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 14_gtavpc_03272015.jpg 15_gtavpc_03272015.jpg

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