Rockstar Introduces the Rockstar Editor

By Chris | 13th Apr 2015 at 15:53 GMT in GTA V | 2 Comments

We're mere hours away from the launch of long awaited launch of Grand Theft Auto V for the PC, but Rockstar has one more thing to show off before we get to play, and that is the Rockstar Editor. Remember the video editing tools in GTA IV? Forget them. Rockstar has massively improved upon that and has basically developed a powerful in-game video editing tool, best explained in the video below.



Watch today’s video “An Introduction to the Rockstar Editor” for an overview of just some of the features of this powerful video creation tool including special camera modes, filters, depth of field and audio customization options - as well as the unique Director Mode feature that allows you to stage creative moviemaking sequences from a cast of characters ranging from familiar faces from Story Mode, to pedestrians and even animals. You’ll be able to upload your finished masterpiece to YouTube and to the Rockstar Games Social Club to share with friends.

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BlackListedB 14th April, 2015 @ 15:36 - Permalink

I can't start an article for you here, Chris, but today's the big day, ain't it? I just woke up myself and on a whim, wanted to see what articles are on the PC online so far...


Here's one pointing out issues that PC Gamer magazine posted;


One of the problems even with a known site like PC Gamer (magazine worth noting, as well) is that a link from their earlier PC edition of GTA5 article for the Online segment is BROKEN! There's an internal server error only... I wonder if this could be due to large demands?

One thing good about a site like this, you won't be bogged down with user access demands! hahaha Sorry


The issue of actual media will be REAL interesting to watch for, TV and media coverage and sales figures, I'm personally hoping it's proven another windfall for Rockstar Games so as to help them becoming more on equal footing with Call of Duty's Activision and other major studios so they have the clout to produce the next big game, namely. Bigger and more bad-ass then ever before!!

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Nate10 15th April, 2015 @ 04:08 - Permalink

I like that you can add soundtracks to it. Can't wait to try it out