Grand Theft Auto V Now Available for PC!

By Chris | 14th Apr 2015 at 16:24 GMT in GTA V | 5 Comments


Finally! The day has come. Grand Theft Auto V is now available on all platforms. The PC version officially unlocked at midnight (UK time), and hundreds of thousands of gamers were already playing on Steam within hours. The PC version offers many enhancements and new features over the console versions, and Rockstar have today summed that up in a nice overview.

The highlights:

  • Huge range of graphics customisation options
  • Play up to 4K resolution at 60fps
  • Dual and triple monitor support, controller support, and 3D compatibility
  • GTA Online available from day 1 including all previously released free DLCs and the Heists update
  • Rockstar Editor
  • Soundtrack includes new radio station, The Lab FM, as well as the ability to create your own completely custom radio station

Check Rockstar's summary for more info, and remember if you're having any technical issues with the game you should use Rockstar's Support site.

As always you have a multitude of channels from which to discuss the game, including our own forums. Be sure to let us know your early impressions of the game and how it's performing for you. 

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BlackListedB 14th April, 2015 @ 20:57 - Permalink

I went rather directly to Rockstar's Newswire, while I was on, at 700 to 800 comments time frame, IIRC, Rockstar left one notifier in the comments field and removed my last one, and while attempting to make a new comment, I was notified I'm now suspended there indefinitely supposedly either based on reference to Sam and Dan Houser, DMA and David Jones, or Hot Coffee, so don't make any references to those in the comments section or Rockstar's trigger happy staff may let you know you're presence is no longer required.


I wish I was joking, but I only mentioned the factual information I laid out here and elsewhere, that the PC presence of gaming is based on those developers who have a personal sight on what hardware they prefer, I believe this is true of anyone who was brought up on gaming, and my reference to Hot Coffee was not to smear Rockstar's rep, the damage had already been done years ago, 2005 in particular and shortly thereafter.


The point was to bring out the period of change in which Rockstar had seemingly embraced PC game modding and it's community and since went into hiding, and protective mode. It's true software modding isn't solely under fire from Rockstar, as an example, but I wanted to lay out the truths of how we go to where we are. It's sad they'd willingly try to cover that up. Just sad.


I'll still be a willing customer and fan of Rockstar, BUT I can't say I go along with this idea that the truth hurts too much to admit to

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Trevor_Philips 14th April, 2015 @ 23:39 - Permalink

So the new radio station is exclusive to PC and not being patched into consoles?

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BlackListedB 15th April, 2015 @ 03:43 - Permalink

Somethings have to be exclusive, otherwise there's not a lot of point, other then the hard work required to make multiplatform software. Remember in the PC World, there's that many more models and variety of hardware across the board, there was some contention from Sony about making unique points for RDR as one example, adding a unique hideout challlenge.


It's just incentive to entice, but likely someone will share the feature somewhere online for those who don't have it, to hear, see, admire from afar! haha


I found this article at Techspot for my mom, who bought a newer generation laptop (HP 15in touchSmart) to replace a first gen PCIexpress Dell desktop with XP as it ended it's lifespan...

The article might be a bit over her head, but look at their benchmark testing of four variety levels of Intel Haswell core processors...

why put this here? Because it can show you how much software can literally change the performance scale of the same hardware! Also points out Hyper Threading was disabled according to TS on the mid range Core i5 adding 4 core up from the dual core Core i3 baseline processors.

This would factor into GTA's use of multiple threads and cores, as well as memory cache speeding things along

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Nate10 15th April, 2015 @ 04:18 - Permalink

Sweeet. Excited to play with you Chris. Any problems running it? Seems like so many people are complaining about that :P

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BlackListedB 2nd May, 2015 @ 16:39 - Permalink

I am waiting for the new Intel CPU rollout and pricing, and hoping to sell a few of my old PCs and laptops, but I did check the closest store, the controversial TARGET shopping center (controversial because of data breach and firings likely resulting from the fallout in the aftermath of that data breach)

Target had 4 copies the day after release when I checked, upon two other return trips in the last week, they have two remaining PC copies, but no where is there a price listing, is it USD comparable to the console new releases, or higher or lower?