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By Chris | 17th Jul 2005 at 11:27 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

Yesterday, Gamespot once again reported on notorious California assemblyman, Leland Yee.

Yee claims that every person ever involved with in the slightest bit modding a Grand Theft Auto game should be sued by Rockstar. So does this mean just changing one bit in the handling file 'modding' the game. Apparently yes, and he wants Rockstar to sue us all for that!

What about all the other millions of games produced? It's ok to mod them is it? We can't get sued for them? Oh but GTA oh no we aren't allowed to mod that we will get sued, it's completely nonsensical. And Mr. Yee is obviously oblivious to the simplicity and ease of modding a game with such capabilities.

There's a lot more we can do than make CJ dry hump pixelated women (or what if we changed the models with men? That would be illegal right?). If we wanted to we could do much more violent and unethical things with the game. I would suggest to Mr. Yee that he takes some time to research just how many modders there are and the types of mods they make. I also suggest he stops contradicting himself because that surely won't get him anywhere.

"If, in fact, as Rockstar claims, these sexually explicit minigames were never in their games whatsoever, then I would assume that these hackers have violated the copyright of Rockstar games, of Grand Theft Auto, and that Rockstar should, in fact, take every action that they can to sue every single penny of those individuals who would violate their copyright," Yee said. "I haven't seen any of that at all, and that's why I'm suspicious of Rockstar's position of innocence."

You know it's amazing. Politics these days. It's just a farce. There are much more important things to be worrying about, poverty, war, surely this is more important than a videogame, where the emphasis is on game, i.e it's simulated behaviour, not real life.

Mr. Yee also believes that GTA is a game that 'trains people to murder women'

"When you're talking about training kids how to kill and how to maim and demean women, you cannot cross that line"

How exactly a videogame trains us to do this is beyond me, plus there are many other factors involved. For instance you need to acquire a gun, which is very hard unless you live in the USA, secondly, it takes a lot of balls to murder someone, it's not just a matter of "oh I'll think I'll go out and kill a cop". If somone is like that then they need help and it should be picked up early on to be honest.

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