Industry could lose up to million

By Adriaan | 23rd Jul 2005 at 01:12 GMT in San Andreas | 4 Comments

Now that's a lot of money! Especially if you are the one losing it. A few minutes ago Senior Editor of Gamespot, Curt Feldman, reported that the game industry could lose up to 50 million dollars!

One analyst's math? Starting with the numbers Take-Two put out yesterday--lowered guidance of about million--and figuring that number to be 80 percent of the retail sales (assuming a markup of 20 percent), the analyst's estimate of lost retail sales could go as high as million.

In another note the video game rental company Gamefly stated due to the game now being "Adults Only" they have suspended rentals and stopped buying the game. The Take 2 Interactive shares dropped earlier today, but gained again just before the closing bell. Interestingly since GTA: San Andreas got the AO sticker, alot of shareholders decided to sell their shares, 1000's being sold already. We'll keep you updated on the progress of this.

Link: Gamespot

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nickchico 6th August, 2005 @ 10:51 - Permalink

million for a mod R* didn't invent. Unfair isn't it

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Dave1 6th August, 2005 @ 14:05 - Permalink

Well shouldent we um try to do somthing about this??

I mean what if rock star makes it so you can mod the new game?

If I where the one who made the mod..I would commit suicide..

Hopefully all this bull will end tired of it.

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Gerard 6th August, 2005 @ 14:54 - Permalink

I'm going to make an anonymous quote. This came from somebody connected, as regards to the Hot Coffe saga and the probable following lawsuits. Not an official statement from Take 2.

I mean its all a bit ridiculous really

says it all

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youngbloodSA 16th August, 2005 @ 21:22 - Permalink
million for a mod R* didn't invent. Unfair isn't it

:bashhead::thumbsdown: not rite at all