San Andreas may get banned in New Zealand

By Adriaan | 25th Jul 2005 at 14:16 GMT in San Andreas | 8 Comments

Radio New Zealand recently reported that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been called in for re-classification after it was found that it may contain sexual content. The Classification Office slapped a "R18" sticker onto the game back in 2004, because of its extreme crime and violence. Being the fact that an "R18" rating is the highest a game can be rated in New Zealand, if they find that the game indeed has sexual content on the game it may get banned in the country. Investigation will start soon.

Also interesting to mention is the following quotes from recent shows of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" with the ever so funny Conan himself.

“Parents across the country are furious because the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto San Andreas’ contains hidden sex scenes. … Yeah, the parents say, ‘We bought our kids Grand Theft Auto so they could be exposed to violent carjackings, not sex.’”
"The other day, former President Clinton played golf with Yankee manager Joe Torre. Apparently they spent most of the time trying to figure out who's a bigger pain in the ass, Hillary Clinton or George Steinbrenner."

If you don't know why I mentioned that last quote, then I would like to remind you that Hillary is one of the reasons San Andreas got rated Adults only.

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Spaz The Great 25th July, 2005 @ 16:50 - Permalink

God, these fuckin' idiots. Investigating an already investigated game. I don't know who's dumber, New Zealand, or America.

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PeeWee 26th July, 2005 @ 17:39 - Permalink

God new zeland is rubbish for everything you cant even play the best gta game ever there they are friggin idiots

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nickchico 6th August, 2005 @ 02:28 - Permalink

I'm live in NZ and I haven't heard about gta:sa getting banned. I dont see why it's getting banned though. Here Gta:sa is R18 for containg violence and offensive language but Playboy the Mansion is only R16. Why don't they just add to the GTA:SA rating R18 contains violence, offensive language and sex scenes :bashhead:

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ProudAussie 8th August, 2005 @ 05:00 - Permalink
God new zeland is rubbish for everything you cant even play the best gta game ever there they are friggin idiots

PeeWee i'd prefur you not to say shit about New Zealand. I have recently spent 3 weeks there for holiday and its a nice country and again these accusations about GTA: SA Being banned i have to doubt these ones aswell.

NZ have a cable TV channel called Spice TV which shows Pornography like hardcore sex nothing is covered everything is shown not like the crappy Playboy channel.

So if GTA: SA is going to banned i would suggest this channel would be banned aswell since its dedicated to SEX.

And for you Conan fans HE SUCKS! his not funny his a redhead wanker who graduated harvard but couldnt get a real job so he made a shit TV program :)


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Adriaan 8th August, 2005 @ 19:29 - Permalink

:bannage: well if GTA SA gets banned in New Zealand, it doesnt mean the country sucks.

Oh and what you said about Conan.. mmm....... well its a great TV show, and very funny+popular.

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Ride_The_Lightning 8th August, 2005 @ 21:15 - Permalink

Hilary already fucked it up for America. Now it's going to be fucked up for other countries.

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Adriaan 12th August, 2005 @ 19:27 - Permalink

boy am I glad she is not my mother. Imagine going to a school with half of the school being GTA fans :weird:

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luke duke 12th August, 2005 @ 22:41 - Permalink

it is bieng banned i read it in the internet a few sites on the news the radio and the newspaper i dont care?