Liberty City Stories news update

By Adriaan | 4th Aug 2005 at 20:02 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 4 Comments

There has been a few Liberty City Stories previews in recent magazines and here are some of the new info from it:

• One magazine confirmed an October release date

• No accessible interiors during gameplay

• 80-100 hours of gameplay

• Several sets of clothes

• Shoreside Vale expanded

• Can't swim, just drown like in GTA III

• The targeting system is based on an improved version of the San Andreas scheme. "The best we've had so far," says Todd Zuniga from Rockstar.

• New vehicles and weapons are planned (maybe just new in Liberty City and not entirely new vehicles)

• Motorcycles, dirt bikes and scooters are included

• Stats like muscle, fat etc. won't be in the game (this could mean no eating feature or even gyms)

Interestingly, in the latest issue of PSM they had a bit to say about downloadable content:

"To sweeten the deal even more, GTA Liberty City Stories will support downloadable content."

We'll follow this matter and update you as soon as we receive more info on it. has posted some new scans from the latest magazine publications. We are hoping to get proper ones soon from Rockstar and a official site update could come anytime during this month of August....

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888ball 5th August, 2005 @ 19:00 - Permalink

Downloadable content would rule! Is it possible? And who needs swimming and stats, GTA3 was fine without

Ride_The_Lightning's photo
Ride_The_Lightning 6th August, 2005 @ 00:51 - Permalink

I'm glad they're leaving out the stats. It's not like in San Andreas where he was coming back after five years of nothing. Cipriani doesn't have to bulk up like CJ, he's already a badass.

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nickchico 26th August, 2005 @ 11:28 - Permalink

I reckon it would have been better to be able to swim and have stats.

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888ball 26th August, 2005 @ 12:30 - Permalink

I reckon you just bumped an old topic