Violent Videogames - Not A Valid Excuse

By Chris | 8th Aug 2005 at 01:45 GMT in General | 0 Comments

Great news for Rockstar and other publishers of games containing violence, sex and whatnot. Devin Moore, who shot and killed three police officers a few years ago, had blamed being abused as a child and also being a video game obsessive and playing Grand Theft Auto for his actions.

NBC13 have posted about the court case.

A judge in the capital murder trial of Devin Moore has ruled that his attorneys cannot use a violent video game as part of his defense.

Moore is on trial for gunning down two Fayette police officers and a 911 dispatcher.

A psychologist for the defense said Moore played the game "Grand Theft Auto" so much it was scripted in his brain.

The judge decided because there is no written evidence documenting such a case in the past, no video game testimony will be permitted in Moore's trial.

It was not Devin Moore himself who blamed GTA, rather his psychologist who happened to find the game. This is great news for the video game industry, or at least publishers of violent games, and it's a major blow to the disillusioned Jack Thompson.

See also a previous news post by NBC13 with more information on Moore's case.

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