New MTA SA Video!

By Adriaan | 13th Aug 2005 at 16:56 GMT in San Andreas | 1 Comment

The team at Multi Theft Auto has released another video for their upcoming multiplayer mod for San Andreas. Basically the video introduces a great new feature into their racing mode and I don't want to spoil the fun by telling you what it is. Check out their site to see it.

Also be sure to bookmark their devlog at where regular updates are posted. Enjoy the video!!

If you can't download the video then Read more... to find out what the new feature is.

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Adriaan 13th August, 2005 @ 16:58 - Permalink

What the video shows us is that when you go through a checkpoint in a race your vehicle changes. I know you all like the part at the end where they go through a checkpoint right at the edge of the water and the Monster Truck changes into a boat!