VC MP released!

By Adriaan | 13th Aug 2005 at 17:43 GMT in Vice City | 14 Comments

IPB Image It's been a while since we posted some Vice City news, but this one is sure worth it! Just a few minutes ago the team at SA-MP , who are actually working on a multiplayer mod for San Andreas, released the Vice City version "VC-MP". For those of you who enjoyed MTA will be amazed at how amazing and very smooth VC MP actualy is. It brings in new features such as riding boats and you are now able to actualy shoot other vehicles with the hunter.

Oh and do you remember when you rode as a passenger in MTA VC? Players would know that the lag wasn't very pleasant. However in VC MP the players around you are like single player pedestrians! Well enough talking. So go and download this multiplayer mod now and roam the streets of Vice City.. online!


  • Download VCMP
  • Open the .exe file and install into your Vice City directory
  • Run "vc-mp.exe" (in your Vice City directory)
  • Enter nickname, IP and port and click Launch Game
  • Play!

Read more.... for some server IP's. Feel free to post yours! Just run your server and go to if you don't know your IP.

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Adriaan 13th August, 2005 @ 17:58 - Permalink

Here are some servers for VC-MP:

* VC-MP UK Vanilla Server: /

* port 5192 vc mp server 12mb Finland Deathmatch mode

You can also go to irc:// (GTAnet IRC channel) and enter #vc-mp-servers to get more.

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Andrew91 14th August, 2005 @ 21:38 - Permalink

Cool, Im downloading that for sure.

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chris82 15th August, 2005 @ 03:55 - Permalink

You're damn right for sure. I'm gonna try it tomorrow. Damn, if this is a lot smoother than MTA as advertised, then the first thing I'll do is own someone with a boat on it.

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Ghostchild 15th August, 2005 @ 18:36 - Permalink

Wow, after reading the reveiw on the main site I'm just amazed! Cause this is really great news future San Andreas multiplayer mods! If they can get it that smooth as the reveiwer said, in Vc, it will probably be pretty good on Sa too! :D So.. wohoo!

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mvi 15th August, 2005 @ 21:06 - Permalink

Ok me and chris have now played it, and wow is it smooth. I've just taken down 8 hunters with a minigun. Then taken out 3 coaches with a hunter. Then had a gun fight with me on top of my team mates coach with an enemy on another coach. Didn't last very long after I took out his wheels

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chris82 15th August, 2005 @ 23:22 - Permalink

Yes it was quite fun. First mvi and I teamed up on this one guy in a bus and then me and mvi killed eachother with hunters. Tremendous fun, only 2 crashes on my part so far.

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Andrew91 15th August, 2005 @ 23:26 - Permalink

I cant get mine to work. :(

I start it, and it keeps loading.

So, what do you think the problem is?

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noronha90 11th August, 2006 @ 15:38 - Permalink

somebody help me please!!

i've downloaded it.. but i cant get it started!

what do I have dto do to play it?!

where do i put this?

"Here are some servers for VC-MP:

* VC-MP UK Vanilla Server: /

* port 5192 vc mp server 12mb Finland Deathmatch mode

You can also go to irc:// (GTAnet IRC channel) and enter #vc-mp-servers to get more."

which one of those are the IP and port etc..

sorry for the ignorance though....

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noronha90 11th August, 2006 @ 17:59 - Permalink


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tilly 11th August, 2006 @ 18:01 - Permalink

noronha dont post on a really old topic, make your own topic.

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tulsa 27th October, 2007 @ 07:57 - Permalink

im new to this whole thing can anyone help me to install this

thank you


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Slyde 27th October, 2007 @ 10:07 - Permalink

Please don't bump year old topics, if you need help, create a new topic.

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MAVERIK 31st January, 2008 @ 02:00 - Permalink

xuuu too en ingles y io se espaƱol numas alguien me podria esplicar como jugar multiplayer el gta vice city grax help Since it is played gta vice city in multiplayer

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MrLlamaLlama 31st January, 2008 @ 02:03 - Permalink

Hablar ingles?


Yeah, my spanish isn't what it once was.