GTA LCS Teaser Sites?

By Chris | 13th Aug 2005 at 21:21 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 1 Comment

We have some possibly exciting news for you! At least NO other GTA sites have posted about this yet so it's exclusive here.

Whilst I was bored the other day I thought I'd check a few WHOIS records on some of Rockstar's domains to see if they'd registered anymore that we don't yet know about. To my suprise I found some domains registered during the month of June that could be teaser sites for Liberty City Stories.

Now it may not mean anything at all, Rockstar have quite a few domains that they never used for anything ( and are two examples), so these may never be used.

The domains I managed to find were: (and .org)

It was the final domain there that made me laugh, let me spell it out for you. Citizens United Negating Technology (C.U.N.T). Made it clearer for you?

At the moment we don't know if/when these domains will be used, or what they're for. I haven't been able to get in contact with Rockstar about them yet as our email server seems to be playing up. Hopefully we'll have some official info soon.

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this post has been reposted after we weren't sure whether we were allowed to post it or not.