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By Adriaan | 23rd Aug 2005 at 17:36 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 1 Comment

The missions page for our Liberty City Stories section has been updated with 5 brand new exciting missions taken from the latest PSM!

Interestingly the missions that they got to play revealed some interesting bits. Such as that the game does infact contain boats and that you have a closet in your apartment to change clothes in.

In Vice City the save icon was a casset tape (80's), in San Andreas it was a floppy disk (early 90's) and this time round you will have to walk through a CD icon to save your game onto the PSP's memory stick.

Also the Callahan bridge that connects Portland to Staunton Island is being worked on.

People have also been asking how can it be that the targeting system in LCS is better than that of San Andreas. Well, acording to the magazine it is now much easier to lock-on, free aim, and cycle through enemies.

The magazine also mentions that several buildings now have interiors and there is no loading when going in and out.

More details are set out in point form:

• There are dozens of new vehicles never before seen in another GTA game.

• If you were killed during a mission a taxi will spawn next to the hospital to take you back to the location where you recieved that mission.

• Several shops such as "Zip" and even new ones will be seen in the game. Although it is not confirmed if you will be able to enter them.

• Including the story mode and all the side missions it will take you approxametly 80-100 hours to achieve 100%

• Controls are similar to that of the shift key on a QWERTY keyboard. For instance the triangle button can be used for 2 things. If you hold one of the shoulder buttons in and press it again, it can be used for another feature.

• Acording to the magazine the storyline takes place in 1997, rather than 1998 like other magazines said.

Thanks to GTAPortable for the heads up.

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Plo Koon 23rd August, 2005 @ 22:36 - Permalink

looks very interesting and good. I think I should get my self a PSP soon and get this game when it comes out because it is looking better each and every time it is issued.