Games Master UK LCS Preview

By Chris | 25th Aug 2005 at 20:55 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 0 Comments

gamesmaster-25aug.gifUK general gaming magazine Games Master has a nice preview of Liberty City Stories. A few facts are now confirmed and several other pieces of information are nicely rounded up.

Maria is also confirmed as the blonde lady on the boxart.

The new targetting system is not apparent at first, as it's more of a tweak. You hold R1 to target an enemy and use the D-Pad to cycle through nearby threats, aiming at the highest threat first. So essentially it's the same as San Andreas, except Games Master say "it's just better at differentiating from bodies that offer a threat or none at all."

The ability to change clothes will function similar to how it did in Vice City- There will be an icon Toni can walk into and choose complete outfits as opposed to individual garments... you can see now how this game is turning out like a hybrid of GTA3, VC and SA.

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, they have a nice round-up of information we've found out from many different places before, all nicely collated below:

Toni Can: Use boats, ride bikes, change clothes, enter some buildings and move while shooting.

However, he can't swim, climb, ride push bikes, eat, fly aircraft, work out, upgrade skills.

Finally, they also have an overhead map of Portland, obviously very similar to that of GTA3's.

Thanks to gta portable for the heads up.

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