GTA LVS 0.1a First Release

By Chris | 31st Aug 2005 at 21:29 GMT in San Andreas | 3 Comments

lvs01a.jpgThe LVS Team have released the first public DevShot of their intuitive idea to bring Liberty City and Vice City into San Andreas.

The download is comparatively tiny compared to some other total conversions, with this one at under 5mb, even users on dialup can download it relatively quickly.

Download GTA LVS and post in our forums and let everyone know how it plays. Bearing in mind it is as of yet only 10% complete.

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chris82 31st August, 2005 @ 23:33 - Permalink

Can't say I'm a fan of their long-ass scm intro, and the weapon spawns really need work. Besides that, it's cool to have prawn island in SA and the mod plays well. Screens later!

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mvi 1st September, 2005 @ 11:45 - Permalink

The intro is very annoying, I mean if they had the whole of vice and/or liberty then yes the intro would be pretty cool, but the smallest island doesn't really warrant the need. As for the installer, I included the dlls in it, though they are generally included with pcs from the start. If anyone has any problems such as a missing ocx or dll I'd be grateful if you told me

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Adriaan 1st September, 2005 @ 12:47 - Permalink

by the rate they are moving it should be done after I have finished GTA4 three times.