OPS2 Australian Mag Info

By Chris | 9th Sep 2005 at 13:45 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 3 Comments

Official Playstation 2 Magazine Australia, the magazine that sparked a debate over whether Shoreside Vale had been expanded has some more information for you to cast your eyes over.

Back in June it was reported that the Shoreside Vale district had been expanded, and again in this issue they claim "a mystery land mass" can be seen from Portland. Bearing in mind they're getting the same preview as everyone else but nobody else seems to be reporting this.

A new character will be in Liberty City, Vincenzo Cilli, a mob boss working under the Leone family will be dishing out missions to you early in the game.

Popular radio station Chatterbox FM is set to return, presumably with Lazlow as the host, at least I'm hoping so, also The Liberty Jam, a new station will be blaring in your ears.

The Porter Tunnel that connected the trio of islands in GTA3 will apparently not feature in this game, apparently ferry workers are angry that building a tunnel will put them out of a job (evidently it did as GTA3 saw no ferries).

So that's all the info, no new screens. We'll update you when we receive anything else worth knowing.

Thanks to GTAportable for the info.

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DJ-Invert 9th September, 2005 @ 15:41 - Permalink

well it makes sense that the porter tunnel isnt open in LCS because it was being built during GTA3, thats why the tunnel wasnt open

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888ball 9th September, 2005 @ 15:52 - Permalink

Wont ferries just be a particulary slow way of being transported a really small way

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Spaz The Great 9th September, 2005 @ 18:43 - Permalink

w00t w00t to Chatterbox FM!!! ^_^