Interview and Other News

By Chris | 22nd Sep 2005 at 17:57 GMT in General | 5 Comments

To cut a long story short, a very good online friend of mine and respectable forum staff member decided to interview me about the whole GTA scene and how it's changing. Xenon a.k.a Gerard Boyers, owner of The Technical Place has posted the interview on his website for you all to see, you might find it an interesting read if you haven't been around in the GTA community for long. We basically talk about how the community has changed, what makes it great and the future of it.

Read the interview at TTPN.

In other news a couple of notable downloads have been added, they are a 113+ Trainer complete with teleporter and garage editor, and the San Andreas Mod Installer (SAMI) allowing you to easily install virtually any modification, straight from .zip or .rar files or folders on your PC.

In the coming weeks I'll be making some more improvements to our download database, and on that note I'd like to point out that those of you who know I'm a fairly good PHP coder, it doesn't mean I'll do stuff for your website, especially as I have two other big ongoing projects to manage, not just this website.

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Spaz The Great 22nd September, 2005 @ 20:11 - Permalink

Nice read. Good summary of what has been happening to the GTA community.

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Chris 22nd September, 2005 @ 22:51 - Permalink

I'm glad you liked it Spaz.

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Adriaan 22nd September, 2005 @ 23:41 - Permalink

Interesting read. I wish it could be like old times. You Chris are a so called "diva" in the GTA community. I agree that things got out of hand now days.

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Sherman 23rd September, 2005 @ 00:59 - Permalink

Was good, I enjoyed reading it. ( which is a rare, lol )

Chris is just a diva PERIOD. :P

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Chris 23rd September, 2005 @ 06:49 - Permalink

Hehe I'm a diva now :)