PEDS Video pours hot coffee

By Adriaan | 10th Oct 2005 at 20:09 GMT in General | 1 Comment

Even though PEDS is my favourite show of all time, I completely forgot to post about it when it launched. Well it is never too late or too early to post about them and a good time to introduce it from this site is when they just released "Just A Short 4 - Hot Coffee".

Ok, so you might ask what the hell is PEDS? Well it is based on the popular Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and using the wonderfull art of machinima they create a TV series with pedestrians of the city. They are already at episode 8 and are becoming more and more popular in both the GTA world and the machinima community.

They recently released a short where the PEDS discuss some hot coffee (yes, you know what i'm talking about) which is totally funny . If you think you can do the same to what the great folks over at PEDS are doing, why not download Vice City and Liberty City studios over here . On their site you can download all episodes in both low and high resolution versions. If you are fortunate enough to be a PSP owner why not download the PSP formatted versions and watch it on there?

PEDS Video: Click here [ thanks Jordan ]

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Sabin 18th January, 2006 @ 02:02 - Permalink

Well it take long for them go out of business