IGN Interview and new screens

By Adriaan | 15th Oct 2005 at 05:22 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 2 Comments

IGN recently interviewed Gordon Hall, one of the founders of Rockstar Leeds. The interview is arguably better than the one with Frank Vincent, as Hall discusses some interesting things on how they managed to bring such a great and powerful game to the PSP. IGN have also posted 3 new screenshots.

Links: IGN Interview and new screenshots

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Spaz The Great 15th October, 2005 @ 13:47 - Permalink

Awesome stuff. Kudos to the Star, they trully know what they are doing, they have a genius team with them.

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Chris 15th October, 2005 @ 19:36 - Permalink

I swear that flatbed has a little ramp in the back of it, not sure why it would have it though.