Liberty City Stories Delayed in Europe

By Chris | 24th Oct 2005 at 13:50 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 2 Comments

This time it's true, at lunchtime today the game's UK distributor Gem confirmed it at EuroGamer.

There's no reasoning behind the delay, and so far the US release remains unaffected. Which is still scheduled for the 25th (tomorrow).

We'll update you if we receive anymore news concerning any of the release dates.



A Rockstar representative told the UK based gaming site Pro-G that Liberty City Stories is still on track for its original release date.

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Liberty Rulez 24th October, 2005 @ 15:31 - Permalink

But it can't be true as Rockstar didn't announce it, they online confirmed that it wasn't delayed.

I better not be, as I don't know what I would do.

But I do love this time when a GTA game comes out, when everyone is excited, and when it comes out, and people post on the internet what it was like, but I don't think I could wait another week.

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Airashii 24th October, 2005 @ 20:00 - Permalink

Yeah, well, keep us posted Chris but it doesn't really concern me as I sharn't be buying it anyway.