New GTA Title For PSP Next Year & European Delay News

By Adriaan | 1st Nov 2005 at 09:08 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 4 Comments

Take 2 Interactive have provided a financial update with some pretty interesting news in it. As always the full press release is on their site if you want to read the whole thing.

Also in the press release was a little insight into the reasons behind the European release delay.

Take-Two is reducing its fiscal 2005 guidance to reflect several factors, including the movement of the launch of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for the PSP™ handheld entertainment system in certain European territories from the fourth quarter of fiscal 2005 to the first quarter of fiscal 2006, due to unexpected delays in final product testing and submission. Shipments of the title have been made to the UK in the fourth quarter, with the title expected to ship in the remaining European territories in late November.

So the end of November is unfortunately how long we have to wait until we can play the game. But don't get too upset, they also announced a brand new GTA title for the PSP, due to launch during next year. The title of the game still remains a mystery.

For Fiscal 2006, we are well positioned for the opportunities to extend our brands across the large installed base of current generation platforms, as well as next generation hardware including the two previously announced Rockstar Games titles for the PSP, one of which is a new Grand Theft Auto title.

By the sounds of it we will be enjoying 2 new Grand Theft Auto's next year. Hopefully one for the Playstation 3 and definitely one for the Sony PSP!

While it may be a bit early to discuss this new portable title, we have made it its own forum for discussion in our newly upgraded Invision Forums. We've also made a topic for discussion of the game's title, I've started by listing some domains owned by Rockstar and their possible uses (such as Please read that and post your own thoughts.

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martin88 2nd November, 2005 @ 21:11 - Permalink

The part about the Europe delay must be either untrue, or only for mainland Europe, where they need differnet language versions.

It's already selling down here, and I have my copy.

(Yes, its a euro copy, in english).

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Chris 2nd November, 2005 @ 21:24 - Permalink

Yeah the UK release is still set for tomorrow (Friday) and mainland Europe is like the end of November.

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Spaz The Great 3rd November, 2005 @ 02:55 - Permalink
Yeah the UK release is still set for tomorrow (Friday) and mainland Europe is like the end of November.

Considering tomorrow is Thursday? And it says your posted this YESTERDAY, which means tomorrow is today.

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Chris 3rd November, 2005 @ 20:22 - Permalink

oops :P

Yeah I meant friday i don't know why I put tomorrow.

£100 says it's called GTA Miami.