The force is too strong for Liberty City Stories

By Adriaan | 9th Nov 2005 at 20:02 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 2 Comments

It seems that the force was too strong last week for Take 2's PSP breakthrough, GTA: Liberty City Stories. It's been almost nothing out of the ordinary the past few years for a GTA title to shoot right up to the top of the charts in opening week. This year however Lucasarts' Star Wars: Battlefront II managed to overcome GTA: Liberty City Stories by being the number one selling game in the UK.

It is not all bad though for GTA: LCS. The game is currently the top selling PSP game in the country and it had sold more copies than Grand Theft Auto: 3 on the PS2 did on its opening week. You have to remember that the PSP only recently launched in the UK and Star Wars: Battlefront II is available on the PS2, Xbox and for PC, which more people own than they do PSP's.

As the days go by to this years christmas holiday season GTA: Liberty City Stories will most likely still be at the highest point of the charts around the world!

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Source: Prodigious Gaming

Plo Koon's photo
Plo Koon 9th November, 2005 @ 21:58 - Permalink

That is awesome that Star Wars: Battlefront II beat GTA: LCS. I have always thought that Star Wars games seemed to be funner then GTA Games. I could spend 8 hours on a Star Wars game but only about 5 hours a day with GTA.

tommy vercetti guy's photo
tommy vercetti guy 10th November, 2005 @ 01:37 - Permalink

Well, its pretty obvious SW BF2 would throw GTA LCS off the roof. Just bad that SW BF2 has no online play or anything. Oh well, like I alwasy say, PSP, not PS3.