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By Adriaan | 16th Nov 2005 at 18:38 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 6 Comments

jt.jpgMost of you probably know lil' old Jack Thompson by now. Taking on the gaming industry, most importantly the GTA series, for years now. It seems that he just can't get enough of Take Two's Grand Theft Auto that he is starting to move over to the newest title in the series - Liberty City Stories. Thompson has petitioned Troy King, Attorney General of Alabama, to have GTA: Liberty City Stories declared "a nuisance".

One can not understand such claims from him as already JT himself is a nuisance to both him and every living human being on this planet. Well, according to the dictionary:

Nuisance: a bothersome annoying person

Yep, that seems like him. Apparently JT is complaining that Take-Two is marketing what he describes as a "cop-killing game" on daytime T.V. during programs aimed at children. Firstly that doesn't mean anything at all. As far as I know the commercials for Liberty City Stories that is displayed on the tv doesn't contain violence or anything else that will offend those little children. Besides it is not as if they are going to get up, walk to a local retailer and say: "Whadup G, give me a copy of Liberty City Stories".

What he will do next is a mystery and Dave Thomas from online mag The Escapist describes it very well:

Keeping track of Jack's activities is like trying to document an evening of binge drinking for an entire fraternity on a lost weekend in Vegas.

Source: Livejournal

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rappo 16th November, 2005 @ 23:48 - Permalink

Well, that's not the only meaning of nuissance :P

"A use of property or course of conduct that interferes with the legal rights of others by causing damage, annoyance, or inconvenience."

That fits what Jack is trying to say. Anyway, I don't know why people keep talking about this guy. He is just trying to get attention, and he's getting what he wants. Everybody just needs to stop reporting about him, and let him do whatever he wants - none of it passes anyway!

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Steven 17th November, 2005 @ 02:42 - Permalink

I wonder if he has anything else better to do than rip on games. Co'mon get a life. Just because one person dosn't like video games that doesn't mean that he has to ruin it for everyone else. <_<

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Adriaan 17th November, 2005 @ 08:28 - Permalink

lol of course I know that rappo. There are many meanings for that word. I was just trying to make a joke around it. :)

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GaMeFrEaK 17th November, 2005 @ 13:11 - Permalink

i hate that guy. theres plenty more vilolent video games to target instead of GTA.

btw, heres a funny image i found:


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C.O.D 18th November, 2005 @ 08:54 - Permalink
i hate that guy. theres plenty more vilolent video games to target instead of GTA.

btw, heres a funny image i found:


LOL! That picture you found IS VERY-VERY FUNNY!!!!

And Yes, Jack-ass Thompson is stupid. I mean, the ESRB already did give ratings to violent/other games, and it's not the developer's fault if anybody below-age (below the age depicted in the ratings) buy the game, played it, and kill someone with the game as an excuse.

For me, some people have GTAs/other games as their excuse to ESCAPE, but that's my opinion.

Jack-Ass Thompson's gonn'a be assasinated someday... I dunno who, but he may be will...!

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Steven 19th November, 2005 @ 19:54 - Permalink

Lol. i've seen that before.

How about this?


JT can kiss my @$$